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Episode 03: Ebb and a Flow
- 02m39s | Topic #1
  Reflecting on the state of the Civilization: World community in late 2012: small but dedicated numbers; the contribution of non-American players' to the game's progression, and the appeal and impact of the "throwback" games' efforts.
- 07m19s | Topic #2
  The disservice CivWorld's tutorial delivers to new players, and learning from games with any and all players towards better understanding and appreciation of the game's depth of play.
- 16m41s | Topic #3
  Differing applications of the definitions of cheating and exploiting; the responsibility of experienced to inexperienced players; desirability of following in-house rules of a given server; and varying approaches to finding the fun in Civilization: World.

Runtime: 29m:59s | Filesize: 14.3MB
Release Date: December 01st, 2012
Hosts: ShuShu2; pawprint42; Angel Ledwich; Josee Gendron; RobG

INFO: First appearance of Heather "pawprint42" Moats and Angel Ledwich as regular co-hosts

Episode 02: Socially Complex
- 03m55s | Topic #1
  For new players to Civilization: World, getting oriented and then getting settled.
- 09m44s | Topic #2
  The role barbarians play in the game between themselves and players, and between players themselves.
- 14m16s | Topic #3
  On the ability to jump from civilization to civilization, the value of 5-minute "trickles" and moderating harvest levels in CivWorld.
- 17m35s | Topic #4
  Reasons to play the game other than to win.

Runtime: 29m:59s | Filesize: 14.3MB
Release Date: April 21st, 2012
Hosts: ShuShu2; wwjdfakb; troyd; random user

INFO: First appearance of Dustin "ShuShu62", Melissa "wwjdfakb" and Troy "troyd" as regular co-hosts
INFO: Last appearance of Melissa "wwjdfakb" and Troy "troyd" as regular co-hosts

Episode 01: You Have Notifications
- 00m31s | Topic #1
  On claims that Civilization: World is already on the decline, and possible factors why.
- 04m23s | Topic #2
  The contentious element of the game that is CivBucks.
- 06m56s | Topic #3
  The co-hosts share their recent gameplay experiences with and efforts within the title.
- 09m11s | Topic #4
  Finding a silver lining in CivWorld that leads back to an inherent concern.
- 12m31s | Topic #5
  Proposing an avenue to find a solution to that concern by drawing from the existing online Civ community.
- 15m01s | Topic #6
  The crux that is the inactive player realized over-and-over again.

Runtime: 17m:00s | Filesize: 08.1MB
Release Date: January 28th, 2012
Hosts: Methos; AlphaShard

INFO: First, and last, appearance of Dustin "Methos" as a regular co-host
INFO: First, and last, appearance of Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk as a regular co-host


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