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Special: Reflections
Original hosts Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney, Alexander "Alexander" Strub and longest running host Matt "elthrasher" Morgan share their reflections of the show and Civilization: Revolution along with more than 30 minutes of previously recorded and unreleased material across its five seasons.

Runtime: 60m:36s | Filesize: 27.7MB
Release Date: June 25th, 2016
Hosts: Cartimandua, Alexander, elthrasher

Episode 50: Jump Around a Bit
- 00m56s | Topic #1
  First account of a new tournament, with a varied spin, for Civilization: Revolution Xbox360 players and a check-in of nearly finished competition for players on the PlayStation 3.
- 04m35s | Topic #2
  Kicking rear-ends and taking names with Legions and Galley support.
- 09m44s | Topic #3
  The case for and against using Knights for conquest in CivRev.
- 12m09s | Topic #4
  Reaping benefit through the targeting of unsuspecting cities.
- 15m16s | Topic #5
  The importance of naval battles in shaping Civilization: Revolution game destinies and the connection to karma.
- 20m59s | Topic #6
  On Egypt, the Oracle and its frustratingly obstinate obstacles.

Runtime: 29m:29s | Filesize: 14.1MB
Release Date: October 05th, 2013
Hosts: ScottieX, japyakness, ITZ DENI3D

Episode 49: A Cut Above
- 00m58s | Topic #1
  A round-up of the last tournament results in the Civilization: Revolution community.
- 06m57s | Topic #2
  Reacting to game developer Firaxis Games which presently has no intention to bring Civ to the imminent next generation of consoles.
- 15m39s | Topic #3
  A desire for being first to the Currency technology, and its relation to Monarchy or Invention, leads to a return to Spain's unique advantages over its competitors.
- 23m35s | Topic #4
  Spain's competitive advantages in CivRev through single legions and a Galleon fleet, map revelation and the counterparts more likely than not to be able to best challenge them.

Runtime: 29m:59s | Filesize: 14.4MB
Release Date: June 01st, 2013
Hosts: ScottieX, japyakness, ITZ DENI3D

Episode 48: Seems to Defy Logic
- 00m42s | Topic #1
  Comparing multiplay engagements in Ranked and Player Civilization: Revolution matches (recorded for Episode 40).
- 01m30s | Topic #2
  Reflecting on Game of the Week experiences (recorded for Episode 42 and 44).
- 03m39s | Topic #3
  Recounting a Mongolia vs. America Head-to-Head match in a CivRev Ranked bracket (recorded for Episode 47).
- 04m44s | Topic #4
  Knowing when, and how, to expand across the map through peace and/or conquest (recorded for Episode 25 and 41).
- 07m11s | Topic #5
  The theory, evidence yet ready skepticism of karma in Civilization: Revolution (recorded for Episode 45).
- 13m11s | Topic #6
  Tales of CivRev dealing with researching Irrigation or Literacy first and constructing Stonehenge (recorded for Episode 42).
- 15m19s | Topic #7
  Revealing the map as quickly as possible in CivRev (recorded for Episode 23, 24 and 47).

Runtime: 29m:59s | Filesize: 14.4MB
Release Date: May 18th, 2013
Hosts: elthrasher, ScottieX, japyakness [+9 others]

TRIVIA: Show's ninth composite episode of archived segments

Episode 47: There's a Strategy In There
- 01m45s | Topic #1
  A Civilization: Revolution community tournament series update highlighting an unexpected upset.
- 04m45s | Topic #2
  The guest panelist reminisces about a game with a regular co-host that saw an early war save and a later game technological rush.
- 09m27s | Topic #3
  In the show's first Head-to-Head matchup analysis, England vs. Germany.
- 19m54s | Topic #4
  In the second Head-to-Head consideration, France vs. Mongolia.

Runtime: 29m:59s | Filesize: 14.4MB
Release Date: April 06th, 2013
Hosts: elthrasher, ScottieX, ITZ DENI3D

Episode 46: More Powerful Than the Numbers Suggest
- 00m49s | Topic #1
  Revisiting and rethinking parts of the upper and near-upper tier Civilization: Revolution civilizations rankings relative to one another: Spain/China, Spain/Zulu, China/Zulu, Arabia/Aztec and Aztec/Spain (recorded for Episode 45).
- 10m15s | Topic #2
  Taking a position on ranking the seventh most powerful civilization in the game (recorded for Episode 42).
- 11m39s | Topic #3
  The viability of and approach to attacking England in CivRev before the Industrial Era (recorded for Episode 44).
- 14m53s | Topic #4
  Utilizing the 'Retreat!' mechanic as a strategic option.
- 18m04s | Topic #5
  Cheating through Culture and Diplomacy in Civilization: Revolution.
- 22m32s | Topic #6
  Statistical breakdown of one's combat odds when fighting another unit yields some surprising results (recorded for Episode 45).

Runtime: 29m:59s | Filesize: 14.3MB
Release Date: Febraury 23rd, 2013
Hosts: elthrasher, ScottieX, japyakness [+1 other]

TRIVIA: Show's eighth composite episode of archived segments

Episode 45: Want to Know the Answer To
- 01m20s | Topic #1
  Reporting on the latest Civilization: Revolution tournament developments for the PS3 and Xbox 360.
- 04m55s | Topic #2
  Getting gold, a caravan or a spy from a barbarian hut (recorded for Episode 44).
- 15m11s | Topic #3
  Ascertaining the nature of early hut reward acquisitions in CivRev.
- 22m36s | Topic #4
  Determining the type, and quite possibly the name, of Great People generated.

Runtime: 29m:59s | Filesize: 14.3MB
Release Date: January 26th, 2013
Hosts: ScottieX, japyakness

INFO: First appearance of CB "japyakness" as third regular co-host


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