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Targetted towards players at any level and experience, TurnCast (TC) is designed to first entertain and second inform Civ multiplay in an audio format. More specifically, it is to provide moments from the co-operative Civilization multiplayer games held by past and present PolyCast regular co-hosts and guests. The aim in so doing is to be energetic and interactive in equal measures. This series is marketed and distributed as a podcast. As defined on Wikipedia, podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files over the Internet using syndication feeds (e.g. RSS for playback on mobile devices and computers). TC productions can be accessed with or without the use of RSS.

At least two players are required for a multiplayer experience of any game, and Civilization IV/V/VI are no different. Having three or more players per gaming session is standard practice, and with snippets intermixed from multiple sessions, multiple players per episode is standard practice on TurnCast, standing in stark contrast to siblings PolyCast, ModCast, RevCast and SCivCast. Note that the players listed below, in order of first appearance, are those other than the four regular players identified above.
Maki (100+ Eps.)
Steve (22+ Eps.)
Matthieu (23+ Eps.)

Episode 103: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Josh "zosh127"; "CanusAlbinus"; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; Brian "Drusain"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman
Episode 102: "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "Monthar"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Josh "zosh127"; Brian "Drusain"
Episode 101: "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "Monthar"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "CanusAlbinus"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"
Episode 100: "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Michael "Ubermarklar" Bryant; Brian "Drusain"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "Monthar"
Episode 99: Brian "Drusain"; "Monthar"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Michael "Ubermarklar" Bryant; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk
Episode 98: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Brian "Drusain"; Josh "zosh127"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; "Monthar"; "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "Ubermarklar" Bryant
Episode 97: Brian "Drusain"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Michael "Ubermarklar" Bryant; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; "CanusAlbinus"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove
Episode 96: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; "Monthar"
Episode 95: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; "Monthar"
Episode 94: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Brian "Drusain"; "Monthar"; Chris "TheChrisD"
Episode 93: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; "Monthar"

Episode 92: "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; Brian "Drusain"; "Monthar"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "NewEarthRelic"; "Sedwick"
Episode 91: "CanusAlbinus"; Brian "Drusain"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Chris "TheChrisD"; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; "Monthar"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove
Episode 90: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "MadDjinn"; "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "NewEarthRelic"; Brian "Drusain"; "Monthar"
Episode 89: "CanusAlbinus"; "NewEarthRelic"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; "Monthar"
Episode 88: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; "Monthar"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk
Episode 87: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "NewEarthRelic"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; "CanusAlbinus"; Chris "TheChrisD"; "Monthar"; "MadDjinn"
Episode 86: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "Monthar"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; "CanusAlbinus"
Episode 85: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; "Monthar"; "CanusAlbinus"; David "Hans Lemurson" Skold
Episode 84: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; Brian "Drusain"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove
Episode 83: "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Brian "Drusain"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "MadDjinn"
Episode 82: "NewEarthRelic"; "CanusAlbinus"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Brian "Drusain"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks
Episode 81: Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Brian "Drusain"; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; "NewEarthRelic"; Lotfi "ZTZaorish" Kerzabi; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Chris "TheChrisD"; "DarkestOnion"; Kyle "AlchemicalDream" David
Episode 80: "DarkestOnion"; Kyle "AlchemicalDream" David; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Brian "Drusain"
Episode 79: Anthony "ztaesek" Seekatz; Hannah "Codex"; Frithjof "Nikolai" Wilborn; "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Michael "Ubermarklar" Bryant; Brian "Drusain"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Gloria "condor223" Carson; "MadDjinn"; Josh "zosh127"; "NewEarthRelic"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman

Episode 78: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Josh "zosh127"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; "NewEarthRelic"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Brian "Drusain"
Episode 77: Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; Josh "zosh127"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "NewEarthRelic"; "CanusAlbinus"
Episode 76: "NewEarthRelic"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Brian "Drusain"; "CanusAlbinus"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Michael "ixias" Kopp
Episode 75: Brian "Drusain"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "CanusAlbinus"; Matthew "MattZed"; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; Mike "MikeDoubleU"
Episode 74: Michael "ixias" Kopp; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Brian "Drusain"; "CanusAlbinus"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Matthew "MattZed"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; "NewEarthRelic"; "Eag"
Episode 73: Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Matthew "MattZed"; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; Brian "Drusain"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Morgan "KingMorgan"; Chris "TheChrisD"; Josh "zosh127"
Episode 72: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman, Michael "ixias" Kopp, Brian "Drusain", Philip "TheMeInTeam", Josh "zosh127", "Eag", Steve "WarningU2" Warner, "CanusAlbinus", Matthieu "GrimVek"
Episode 71: Brian "Drusain"; Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "Eag"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Josh "zosh127"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "CanusAlbinus"
Episode 70: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; "CanusAlbinus"; "NewEarthRelic"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Lotfi "ZTZaorish" Kerzabi; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Chris "TheChrisD"

Episode 69: "CanusAlbinus"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Lotfi "ZTZaorish" Kerzabi; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Brian "Drusain"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "Eag"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Chris "TheChrisD"
Episode 68: "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Lotfi "ZTZaorish" Kerzabi; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; "NewEarthRelic"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; "MadDjinn"
Episode 67: Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "MadDjinn"; Brian "Drusain"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; "DarkestOnion"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Markus "GAGA Extrem" Grebe
Episode 66: "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "DarkestOnion"; "MadDjinn"; Chris "TheChrisD"

Episode 65: "CanusAlbinus"; "MadDjinn"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Chris "TheChrisD"; Morgan "KingMorgan"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson
Episode 64: "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Chris "TheChrisD"; "Eag"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson
Episode 63: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Chris "TheChrisD"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; "NewEarthRelic"
Episode 62: "CanusAlbinus"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Kyle "AlchemicalDream" David; Matthieu "GrimVek"; "MadDjinn"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"
Episode 61: "CanusAlbinus"; "DarkestOnion"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "Eag"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Kyle "AlchemicalDream" David; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"
Episode 60: Michael "ixias" Kopp; "CanusAlbinus"; "Eag"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "MadDjinn"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Morgan "KingMorgan"; "DarkestOnion"; Matthieu "GrimVek"

Episode 59: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; "ekat2468"; "Eag"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Morgan "KingMorgan"; "DarkestOnion"
Episode 58: Matthieu "GrimVek"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Chris "TheChrisD"; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson
Episode 57: "CanusAlbinus"; "Eag"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Steve "WarningU2" Warner
Episode 56: Daniel "dacole" Cole; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "DarkestOnion"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "CanusAlbinus"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Michael "emeseles" Lucas-Smith
Episode 55: "Eag"; "CanusAlbinus"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "ekat2468"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Michael "emeseles" Lucas-Smith; "DarkestOnion"
Episode 54: "CanusAlbinus"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; "ekat2468"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove
Episode 53: "Eag"; "ekat2468"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder

Episode 52: Matthieu "GrimVek"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "CanusAlbinus"; "ekat2468"; "Reyzant"
Episode 51: Matthieu "GrimVek"; "CanusAlbinus"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Chris "TheChrisD"
Episode 50: John "bt_oz" Archer; Michael "emeseles" Lucas-Smith; Joel "colmustard"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "Lord Parkin"; "MadDjinn"; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Gloria "condor223" Carson; Ken "Carch" Baudicher; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney; Alexander "Alexander" Strub; Peter "Emperor Peter"; David "firefox4312" Fallon; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson; Daniel "Kyp Durron"; "Monthar"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Chris "TheChrisD"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "ekat2468"; "CanusAlbinus"; Izzy "Izmir Stinger"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; "Kaia"
Episode 49: "ekat2468"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; "CanusAlbinus"; Izzy "Izmir Stinger"
Episode 48: Chris "TheChrisD"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; "ekat2468"; Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; "CanusAlbinus"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder
Episode 47: Trevor "Talcove" Alcove; Michael "ixias" Kopp; "GrimVek"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Izzy "Izmir Stinger"; "CanusAlbinus"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "ekat2468"
Episode 46: Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; "CanusAlbinus"
Episode 45: "CanusAlbinus"; "GrimVek"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"
Episode 44: Sandy "nerdysandy"; "UberMarklar"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; "CanusAlbinus"; Sandy "nerdysandy"; "ekat2468"
Episode 43: Sandy "nerdysandy"; "UberMarklar"; "CanusAlbinus"; Matthieu "GrimVek"
Episode 42: "UberMarklar"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "ekat2468"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; "CanusAlbinus"; "Kaia"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner
Episode 41: Matthieu "GrimVek"; "UberMarklar"; "Kaia"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "ekat2468"; "CanusAlbinus"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner
Episode 40: "CanusAlbinus"; "ekat2468"; "GrimVek"; "UberMarklar"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder

Episode 39: "UberMarklar"; "ekat2468"; "Kaia"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Duskermand; "GrimVek"; Jonah Falcon
Episode 38: "UberMarklar"; "ekat2468"; Jonah Falcon; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Steve "WarningU2" Warner
Episode 37: Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder, "ekat2468", Steve "WarningU2" Warner, Bradley Olson, "UberMarklar"
Episode 36: "Monthar"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "UberMarklar"; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Bradley Olson; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "ekat2468" Episode 35: Bradley Olson; "Monthar"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Gloria "condor223" Carson; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; UberMarklar Episode 34: Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "Monthar"; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Gloria "condor223" Carson; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; UberMarklar
Episode 33: "Monthar"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Chris "TheChrisD"; "Kaia"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder
Episode 32: Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "Monthar"; Chris "TheChrisD"
Episode 31: Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "Kaia"; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Michael "emeseles" Lucas-Smith; Alex "GaelicWarrior"; "Monthar"; Chris "TheChrisD"
Episode 30: "Monthar"; "Kaia"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Chris "TheChrisD"

Episode 29: "Kaia"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "Monthar"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Chris "TheChrisD"; Travis "TravisATWA"
Episode 28: Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "Kaia"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "SilentKnight13"; "Monthar"
Episode 27: Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Travis "TravisATWA"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; "Monthar"; "Kaia"

Episode 26: Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "MadDjinn"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson; Jason "MegaBearsFan" Grade; "Jynx"
Episode 25: "MadDjinn"; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk
Episode 24: "MadDjinn"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk
Episode 23: Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "MadDjinn"; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"; Lisa "qnl" Bang
Episode 22: "MadDjinn"; Izzy "Izmir Stinger"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk
Episode 21: Daniel "Kyp Durron"; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson; "MadDjinn"; Izzy "Izmir Stinger"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk
Episode 20: Daniel "Kyp Durron"; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"; "MadDjinn"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk

Episode 19: Lisa "qnl" Bang; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"; "Lord Parkin"; John "bt_oz" Archer; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "MadDjinn"
Episode 18: John "LzPrst" Ftonnessen; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; John "bt_oz" Archer; "Lord Parkin"; "MadDjinn"; Lisa "qnl" Bang; David "firefox4312" Fallon; David "the man of doom" Wagner; Dimo "2metraninja"
Episode 17: "MadDjinn"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"
Episode 16: David "the man of doom" Wagner; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; David "firefox4312" Fallon; John "bt_oz" Archer; Lisa "qnl" Bang
Episode 15: "MadDjinn"; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; John "bt_oz" Archer; David "firefox4312" Fallon; Peter "Emperor Peter"; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Alexander "Alexander" Strub; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney
Episode 14: John "bt_oz" Archer; Scott "AlphaShard"; Lisa "qnl" Bang; "MadDjinn"; Peter "Emperor Peter"; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney

Episode 13: Lisa "qnl" Bang; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Peter "Emperor Peter"; John "LzPrst" Ftonnessen; "MadDjinn"
Episode 12: Peter "Emperor Peter"; John "LzPrst" Ftonnessen; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Joel "colmustard"
Episode 11: Joel "colmustard"; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "Bibor"
Episode 10: Stewart "MMC" Rice; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Peter "Emperor Peter"; Joel "colmustard"; Gloria "condor223" Carson; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"; John "bt_oz" Archer

Episode 09: Gloria "condor223" Carson; John "bt_oz" Archer; Douglas "Rusty Edge" Smith; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Alexander "Alexander" Strub; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney; Ken "Carch" Baudicher
Episode 08: Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; John "bt_oz" Archer; Gloria "condor223" Carson; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney; Alexander "Alexander" Strub; Joel "colmustard"; Daniel "dacole" Cole; John "LzPrst" Ftonnessen; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"
Episode 07: "crescentfresh"; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Joel "colmustard"; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney; Alexander "Alexander" Strub; Ken "Carch" Baudicher; Tim "ruff_hi" Pratt; Daniel "dacole" Cole; "MadDjinn"; Gloria "condor223" Carson
Episode 06: "crescentfresh"; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Alexander "Alexander" Strub; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney; Gloria "condor223" Carson; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; "MadDjinn"; Lisa "qnl" Bang; John "bt_oz" Archer
Episode 05: Joel "colmustard"; John "bt_oz" Archer; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Adam "Peachrocks" Ferguson"; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Gloria "condor223" Carson
Episode 04: Wouter "Locutus" Snijders; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Tim "ruff_hi" Pratt; Daniel "dacole" Cole; "MadDjinn"; Gloria "condor223" Carson; "crescentfresh"
Episode 03: Lisa "qnl" Bang; Gloria "condor223" Carson; John "LzPrst" Ftonnessen; John "bt_oz" Archer; Joel "colmustard"; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Scott "AlphaShard"; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney; "MadDjinn"; Stewart "MMC" Rice
Episode 02: Lisa "qnl" Bang; Stewart "MMC" Rice; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk; Peter "Emperor Peter"; Joel "colmustard"; John "bt_oz" Archer; Daniel "dacole" Cole; "crescentfresh"
Episode 01: Daniel "dacole" Cole; Izzy "Izmir Stinger"; Gloria "condor223" Carson; Joel "colmustard"; Stewart "MMC" Rice; "Lord Parkin"; "MadDjinn"; "crescentfresh"; Lisa "qnl" Bang; Tim "ruff_hi" Pratt; John "bt_oz" Archer; Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney; Alexander "Alexander" Strub; Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk

Mess Up: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "Monthar"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"

Spokes and Snowflakes: Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Brian "Drusain"; "CanusAlbinus"; "Monthar"

Turn the Game Around: Rubin "Rubin" Datalinks; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; "CanusAlbinus"; "NewEarthRelic"; Philip "TheMeInTeam"

Spaced Out: Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; "CanusAlbinus"; Lotfi "ZTZaorish" Kerzabi; Brian "Drusain"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; "NewEarthRelic"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Chris "TheChrisD"

Mixed Signals: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; "CanusAlbinus"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Brian "Drusain"; "NewEarthRelic"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman

Random Stream of Consciousness: Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Michael "ixias" Kopp; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Brian "Drusain"; "DarkestOnion"; "CanusAlbinus"; "MadDjinn"; "Eag"; "stormtrooper412"; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Lotfi "ZTZaorish" Kerzabi

Past Ish: Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Nick "dino_yoshi13" Boeckman; Chris "TheChrisD"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; Izzy "Izmir Stinger"; "CanusAlbinus"; Michael "ixias" Kopp

The Great Mistakes: "MadDjinn"; "CanusAlbinus"; Chris "TheChrisD"; "DarkestOnion"; Christopher "blauerfackel" Ryder; Philip "TheMeInTeam"; Steve "WarningU2" Warner; Mike "MikeDoubleU"; Daniel "dacole" Cole; Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"; Matthieu "GrimVek"; "Rasarat"; Michael "emeseles" Lucas-Smith; Michael "ixias" Kopp

TurnCast (TC) is the multiplay-centric production that launched in June 2011 as the third spin-off of the strategy-centric PolyCast which itself had begun in October 2006. It is also the younger sibling to both the modding-centric ModCast (launched January 2008) and console-centric RevCast (launched February 2009). TC's first season called for and received 13 episodes during for the second-half of 2011; for its second, another 13 episodes were ordered and released throughout the 2012 calendar year. The same occurred in 2013 for the show's third season and for its fourth season in 2014. In 2015, the show's fifth season is to carry 13 episodes too.

Past regular players are Philip "TheMeInTeam" (26 episodes), Michael "emeseles" Lucas-Smith (31 episodes), "MadDjinn" (14 episodes), Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk (45 episodes), Michael "Ubermarklar" Bryant (34 episodes) and show founder Daniel "DanQ" Quick (99 episodes).

- January 1st, 2019
"CanusAlbinus" assumes ownership of the show, and its siblings.

- February 04th, 2017
WarningU2 replaces AlphaShard and GrimVek replaces Ubermarklar as the third and fourth regular player respectively effective Episode 79.

- March 29th, 2014
Ubermarklar replaces MadDjinn as the fourth regular player effective Episode 45.

- November 02nd, 2013
First episode with developer player.

- September 21st, 2013
Scott replaces Michael as the fourth regular player effective Episode 32.

- August 10th-11th, 2013
The show's twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth episodes are released on back-to-back days, the first instance of this 'pair publishing' approach.

- March 23rd, 2013
MadDjinn replaces Phil as the fourth regular player effective Episode 27.

- June 1st, 2011
Series existence and first episode goes public.

- February-May 2011
Planning and executing particulars for iteration focusing on co-operative MP sessions; internal reception encouraging.

- Mid-March, 2009
Pilot episode of competitive CivIV MP session completed; internal reception lukewarm, not released and effort shelved.

- Late December, 2008
Daniel gathers participants for first PolyCast weekly Saturday evening game of co-operative CivIV MP.

- Mid-October, 2008
Michael convinces Daniel to play his first Civilization IV multiplayer game, a co-operative effort.


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