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PolyCast Evergreen, Season 7
Celebrating a decade of podcasting, a look-back at the show's seventh season: ten selected topics that most retain their relevance and ten moments that best represent delivery style. Hosted by show co-creator Wouter "Locutus" Snijders.

Runtime: 90m:59s | Filesize: 41.6MB
Release Date: July 27th, 2016
Host: Locutus

Episode 189: Not Just a Lame Clip Show XII
- 02m28s | Miscellaneous
  Contemplating attaching a gold maintenance cost to successfully passed World Congress proposals in Civilization V with its Brave New World expansion pack (recorded for Episode 180).
- 05m26s | News
  Taking into account oh so many details about the in-development Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game Civilization: Online (recorded for Episode 180).
- 14m05s | Forum Talk
  Giving the diplomatic mechanics surrounding declaring war and making peace with City States (CS) an overhaul is analyzed (recorded for Episode 182 and followed by the case for cultivating long-term relationships with CS (22m19s; recorded for Episode 182); then, running down the "10 Things You Aren't Doing in BNW (But Should)".
- 48m01s | Blooper Reel
  Outtakes from episodes throughout PolyCast's seventh season that were previously cut due to runtime.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: December 31st, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn [+3 others overall]

TRIVIA: Show's twelfth composite episode of archived segments

Christmas Special 2013: It Turned Upon a Strategy Clear
- 01m20s | Email #1A
  Reactions to an email from "slo" looking for permission being required before major civilizations can establish trade routes between them in Civilization V.
- 10m06s | Forum Post #1A
  On the first of a two-part question from "Aaron90495" answering what panelists believe is the area of CivV gameplay in most need of improvement.
- 13m17s | Email #2
  From another email from "slo", why the general objection to giving CivV Bombers the capability to pillage with the panel coming to a consensus on how that objection can be countered.
- 19m05s | Forum Post #1B
  In response to the second part of "Aaron90495"'s question, realizing the panel is divided three-to-one on the merits of a third expansion for Civilization V.
- 23m34s | Forum Post #2
  From "Karl5872", a request to learn how one can approach using the Piety, Honor and Liberty Social Policies to start instead of the generally favoured Tradition Social Policy.
- 32m00s | Email #1B
  Back once more to "slo"'s email for the panel's take on incorporating 'grand strategy' elements into the Civilization series.
- 37m41s | Forum Post #3
  From "Mascot", three inquiries: updating CivV 'Conquest of the World' scenario for the game's two expansion packs, adding Saboteurs through the Espionage mechanics and (re-)introducing colonies to the Civilization franchise.
- 44m06s | Forum Post #4
  Asking for and receiving a discussion on the Citadel Special Improvement of the Civilization V Great General unit via "Luckystrike77".
- 48m18s | Forum Post #5
  Sharing mid-to-late CivV game strategies as called for by "colonelmustard".
- 50m41s | Forum Post #6
  Predicting if, and when, a Civilization V 'Complete Edition' will surface as pondered by "arik24".
- 53m22s | Forum Post #7
  Returning to "Luckystrike77" to answer his plea for both more guest appearances of one panelist on a show of another and a competitive CivV multiplayer match to be held, and recorded, between all four panelists.
- 56m13s | Chat
  Responses to three questions from "CanusAlbinus" provided in chat during the live recording of this production: least favourite civilization to face, favourite civilization to play, average game playtime and adding more civilizations to Civilization V or not.

Runtime: 69m:48s | Filesize: 31.9MB
Published: December 24th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn

Episode 188: Stay Focused
- 01m59s | Forum Talk
  How Civilization V's Artificial Intelligence handles having a negative return on gold-per-turn; then, contemplating making City States in the game bigger than they are (06m49s) and the case for moving your capital city (12m37s).
- 17m31s | Senate
  Isolating the secrets to growth in CivV.
- 34m06s | Research Lab
  Toying with the notation of giving Worker units experience and promotions like military units.
- 39m46s | Miscellaneous
  Grabbing and keeping one's attention with a rap about the Civilization series is followed by the first official "Advisor of the Week" for CivV selected by publisher 2K Games.
- 47m55s | Open Mic
  Responding to a concern that the show has abandoned covering CivIV, and using feedback on the last episode as a springboard for what is to come in 2014 (52m30s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: December 07th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, CanusAlbinus

Episode 187: That Was That, This Was This
- 01m24s | News
  The release of the newest Civilization V Downloadable Content (DLC), the "Scrambled Nations Map Pack", rears older criticisms.
- 06m26s | Senate
  Agreeing, disagreeing and agreeing to disagree all wrapped into the contention that Caravans are more favourable than the Great Library in CivV.
- 12m47s | Forum Talk
  Different answers and varying degrees of differences characterize a consideration of thought before making a move in the game and if recent advertising in the game is presently a mountain or molehill.
- 20m43s | Open Mic
  Gratitude for a fan's appreciation abounds when a request made on the show's most previous episode to separate PolyCast's past and present into eras is fulfilled and is immediately followed by the reading of the same person's original poem "The Lay of the PolyCast: Canto One" (28m08s).
- 41m56s | Miscellaneous
  The branching out of some former Civilization developer Firaxis Games staff into two new developers, Oxide Games and Mohawk Games; then, how high of an influence level have CivV players been able to hit with a City State (46m54s) and a past show guest's appearance on another podcast that carried out a "Video Game Character Showdown" (50m06s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: November 23rd, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, Camikaze

Episode 186: Speaking of Hot Air
- 05m21s | Open Mic
  Responding to an email from "Greasy Dave", feedback received over the show's most previous episode and a request from earlier in the season asking for balancing effort of an five civilizations in Civilization V (recorded for Episode 175).
- 08m15s | Senate
  Going over the good, bad and the ugly considerations whether or not to build Windmills and tackling the value of placing Zoos and Stadiums in your CivV cities.
- 40m39s | Forum Talk
  Bringing to the forefront the inability to rush partially built improvements or units with gold in Civilization V.
- 45m43s | Miscellaneous
  The how and why gaming has the attention of United States of America President Barrack Obama and who is trying to get he and his administration to play CivV as part of their role in government.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: November 09th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, Jonah Falcon

Episode 185: One More Turn It
- 02m19s | News
  New Civilization V Downloadable Content (DLC), entitled "Scrambled Continents Map Pack" is released to some mixed reactions.
- 08m15s | Forum Talk
  Challenging the state of war in Civ as being overkill far too often is followed by the case for nerfing Archery units when attacking a city (20m01s), forcing military unit retirement or upgrade from one game Era to another (30m37s) and a hotly contested exchange over whether or not Airports should constitute city connections (34m23s).
- 44m09s | Miscellaneous
  A comparative, and at times contrasting, view on strategy game design from developers Firaxis Games and Paradox Interactive is weighed.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: October 26th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, MasterMishi

Episode 184: Another Chorus of Hallelujah
- 03m02s | News
  All about the first public beta of a patch for Civilization V: Brave New World expected later this year; after Balance considerations, Artificial Intelligence (19m58s) and assorted other changes (31m45s) are reviewed.
- 41m15s | Miscellaneous
  Taking in a refreshing and welcome interview with Civ developer Firaxis Games co-founder Sid Meier, and then how to enable and use the CivV Achievement Log (49m03s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: October 12th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, Peng Qi

Episode 183: Too Late, We've Said Everything
- 01m24s | Forum Talk
  First, not seeing eye-to-eye on updating the Espionage system in Civilization V to incorporate expansion Brave New World mechanics. Second, pushing back on the suggestion that constructing a Shrine is a greater build than a Monument (13m40s). Third, taking some points in -- and others to task -- on arguments made for calling some of the game's religious beliefs "useless" (19m51s). Fourth, an itemized list of ten changes needed in the upcoming fall patch for BNW (35m17s). Fifth and finally, views on an advocation for Civilization's developers to structure its victory measures on Settlers of Catan (50m18s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: September 28th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, AlphaShard, ekat2468

Episode 182: Out the Window
- 01m29s | Senate
  A somewhat contentious while detailed examination of the Civilization V: Brave New World Ideology of Autocracy is followed by a compact yet comprehensive review of the game's Freedom Ideology (24m40s); then, an equally heated and definitive rundown of BNW's Order Ideology (35m07s).
- 51m41s | Open Mic
  Responding to feedback on panelists' view of trades with City States versus major civilizations, the wisdom of adopting a Social Policy emphasizing Great Merchants over other Great People and when City State trading may be a player's only external route option.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: September 14th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, Methos

Episode 181: Poking the Bear
- 01m56s | News
  A hotfix for Civilization V brings it up to version the month after the release of its second expansion pack, Brave New World.
- 09m58s | Senate
  Speaking of BNW, continuing the focus on what is new, modified and approaches to engaging with: of existing playable civilizations and the introduction of Indonesia, the return of the Zulu (16m48s) and technology changes (21m08s). Further still, a renewal of Social Policies gets an extended treatment: Tradition, Liberty, Honor and Piety (28m24s); Commerce, Patronage and Rationalism (36m03s); and Aesthetics and Exploration (41m16s).
- 36m03s | Open Mic
  On the status of Japan in CivV, start bias reasoning alongside Portuguese Feitoria mechanics, and questioning the outlook of the Moroccans in the game.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: August 31st, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn

Episode 180: Relish In That Opportunity
- 01m44s | Senate
  The second in three consecutive episodes profiling Civilization V: Brave New World, the Assyrian, Brazilian (13m52s) and Polish (20m39s) civilizations are profiled. What's new and modified to the game's culture (25m45s), and diplomacy (37m55s), systems are highlighed thereafter.
- 54m41s | News
  The first substantial details of the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) Civilization: Online are revealed.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: August 17th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn

Episode 179: This Strategy is the Superior
- 02m48s | Senate
  The first of three successive episodes to overview Civilization V: Brave New World, the focus on this first outting is on the Moroccan, Portuguese (07m37s), Shosone (12m38s) and Venetian (19m04s) civilizations, followed by the closely related extensively expanded and revamped Trade Route mechanics and then the new and modified Wonder inclusions of the World/Project, National and Natural varieties.
- 44m46s | Open Mic
  Responding to feedback from the most recent and an otherwise recent episode on the show reflecting meaningful answers, topic summaries and fluidity concerns.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: August 03rd, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn

Episode 178: Everything You Want to Talk About
- 03m04s | Interview
  Diving into celebrating the release of Civilization V: Brave New World in conversation with representatives from its developer, question via email requesting an ability to exclude particular City State types, and from the recording's live chat, about how the developers chose what civilizations to include, leading to a reveal of some that were short-listed but didn't make the cut and why. Then, on making choices with respect to civilization leaders and unique attributes.
- 10m32s | Interview
  From varying users in the chat, why the early game gold crunch is "ouch", overseeing and counteracting the financial Venetian empire and revisiting the unique abilities of Germany and Japan with Zulu on the mind.
- 18m05s | Interview
  Stemming from the chat still, whether the BNW Artificial Intelligence (AI) considers trade routes when declaring war, the absence of their scaling for map size and a seeming disconnect between the East India Company National Wonder and the Dutch civilization; then, AI considerations for war and a civilization's selection and relations in light of Ideological adoption.
- 31m35s | Interview
  Satisfaction level with the new Cultural, and any consideration for introducing a Religious, Victory condition while balancing both as levels in a One City Challenge; further from the chat, why a civilization is able to vote for itself in the introduced World Congress mechanic and City States' peace and war status as it pertains to dispositions between civilizations.
- 42m58s | Interview
  Looking for an update on using Modification Packs and Scenarios in multiplayer post-Brave New World; the exclusion of Random Events as seen in Civilization IV's Beyond the Sword expansion, what components were cut if any during development and alternate titles considered for this Civ series expansion as well was where CivV is to go beyond its newest title.
- 56m15s | Review
  From industry views and that of users of BNW, a brief look at two of the former followed by a detailed examination of another: "delivering exactly what it promises" through late game importance for end game outcomes. Delving into the experience further, "much more screw your neighbour" given the revamped Culture mechanic and engaging the World Congress (60m51s). The "forest for the trees" considers the changing faces up and down the warmongering avenue (64m40s), and then being "no longer locked in" by civilization uniqueness, secondary systems and victory path (73m09s).

Runtime: 84m:05s | Filesize: 40.3MB
Release Date: July 20th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, MadDjinn, Ed Beach, Dennis Shirk, colonelmustard, Rob Zacny

TRIVIA: Second longest episode, and third longest production, of the show to date

Episode 177: Not Just a Lame Clip Show XI
- 01m56s | Open Mic
  Responding to feedback received with respect to Worker replacement and the limiting of unit stacks in the Civilization franchise (recorded for Episode 166).
- 05m22s | Research Lab
  Looking to place attrition as a mainstay game mechanic (recorded for Episode 167), and how about a reconfiguration of Worker behaviour (11m20s; recorded for Episode 170).
- 16m51s | Forum Talk
  On adding Worker units to one's empire without generating them yourself (recorded for Episode 163), followed by an extensive review of balance changes suggested for Civilization IV (20m21s; recorded for Episode 167). A CivV focus follows with being able to play the game with previously patched versions (33m43s; recorded for Episode 173) and giggling and scheming through funny ideas for Achievements (40m37s; recorded for Episode 175).
- 43m54s | Miscellaneous
  Getting a little caught up in the ups and downs of the upcoming next generation of gaming consoles as part of a report from the floor of E3 2013, improvements and still longing-fors with respect to naval combat in Civilization (50m36s; recorded for Episode 176) and taking into accounts factors greatly determining the speed of CivV gameplay (52m28s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: July 13th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn [+13 others overall]

TRIVIA: Show's eleventh composite episode of archived segments

Episode 176: Tied That Back Together
- 02m18s | News
  The previously rumoured, but unconfirmed, final two civilizations included in the upcoming Brave New World expansion pack for Civilization V are now official, leading to a reflection on the current status of the Civ series in general with a critique of the treatment and standing of multiplayer play (11m45s).
- 20m29s | Miscellaneous
  The logic of intellectual and practical Artificial Intelligence (AI), with tactical versus strategic considerations, is explored with a panelist with past and present experience with AI programming; then, dissecting an article on the development of BNW (33m53s), spotlighting Sid "Father of Civilization" Meier (42m31s) and deconstructing the fourth Question & Answer Brave New World development blog entry (51m23s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: July 06th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, CanuckSoldier, Draginol, Peachrocks, TravisATWA

Episode 175: In Response to That
- 01m06s | News
  Touring the current studio of Civilization developer Firaxis Games and why the company is embracing the mobile platform alongside its traditional base (11m23s).
- 21m40s | Miscellaneous (Part 1 of 2)
  Debunking the Indian civilization, rediscovering its American counterpart (24m44s) and a generalized approach to a human player's first fifty turns (28m36s) in Civilization V.
- 32m26s | Forum Talk
  How CivV's Artificial Intelligence (AI) evaluates the human player in its interaction and overall disposition.
- 45m53s | Miscellaneous (Part 2 of 2)
  The third Civilization V: Brave New World "Question & Answer" session yields answers of substance on the upcoming expansion pack, and one of the regular co-hosts report on their attendance and participation at E3 2013 (54m26s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: June 22nd, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, MegaBearsFan

Episode 174: Fun Will Now Commence
- 01m35s | News
  Taking in a hands-on preview of Civilization V: Brave New World and, in another video in Greek, even more new details revealed (05m55s).
- 12m12s | Research Lab
  Looking to implement the emergence of City States after a game of CivV has started (recorded for Episode 170).
- 19m22s | Forum Talk
  An in-depth look at suggestions overhauling all civilizations in Civilization V taking into account expansions' Gods & Kings and Brave New World mechanics; thereafter, illustrating Civilization V inclusions in atlas form (45m42s) and the publishing of a second "Question & Answer" installment for BNW leaves more questions than answers (53m19s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: June 08th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, Thorburne

Episode 173: Always Starts With a Simple Action
- 00m59s | News
  Dissecting not one, but two, interviews with Sid Meier -- his "Cultural Victory", remembering the "core gamer" (12m41s) -- and even more Civilization V: Brave New World details are revealed (25m16s).
- 40m21s | Forum Talk
  Considering a research penalty for out-of-era technology acquisition in CivV.
- 46m27s | Senate
  Advising a Civilization V player whether or not to puppet, annex, eventually annex, raze, or raze and resettle a city they are about to capture.
- 54m30s | Miscellaneous
  An awaited "Question & Answer" session with the developers of CivV: BNW receives a lukewarm reception.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: May 25th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, Kaia, loonyboi, WildWeazel

Episode 172: Accept That Amendment
- 01m24s | Forum Talk
  Take-Two Interactive will be meeting, but 2K Games will not be showing, at this year's E3 while one illuminates possible meaning behind the cover art for Civilization V: Brave New World (06m14s) while some decry the manner, and subsequent treatment, through which it was revealed (10m02s); elsewhere, arguing submarine use against CivV's Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exploitative (14m00s), counting down the release to BNW (17m07s), new BNW interview revealing new information (19m41s), apparent lack of Trading Posts meaning a return to Cottage improvements from CivIV speculation (28m41s), and looking beyond Brave New World for future Civ releases (33m20s).
- 38m24s | Research Lab
  Making an effort to recall a removed civilization to life in a game of Civilization have meaning and substance (recorded for Episode 164).
- 48m04s | Miscellaneous
  What is with all CivV workers being left-handed (recorded for Episode 166), while looking to declare "Mr. Beard" from among the game's civilization leaders.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: May 11th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, MMC

Episode 171: Straight Line to Victory Sideways
- 01m18s | News (Part 1 of 6)
  From a livestream from Civilization V publisher 2K Games about the upcoming release of its Brave New World expansion: on the multiplayer front, sustaining a lack of random events, taking into account community feedback and the dual measures of humour and bane in lag.
- 09m32s | News (Part 2 of 6)
  Further from the stream, concerns over balance of content and mechanics currently in CivV, the re-introduction of airlifting into the series, further to Tourism's impact on the game's culture and giving diplomacy a logic boost.
- 19m01s | News (Part 3 of 6)
  Concluding an examination of said stream, the connection between happiness and city flipping and combating these effects with new Great People.
- 24m10s | News (Part 4 of 6)
  Courtesy one person's compilation efforts on their Civilization V fansite, further new and expanded BNW expansion details.
- 29m37s | News (Part 5 of 6)
  CivV developer Firaxis Games reacts to the popularity of Civ expansion packs over Downloadable Content (DLC) within the game's community while identifying different factors leading to this widely held position.
- 40m08s | News (Part 6 of 6)
  Current CivV Lead Designer Ed Beach responds to predecessor Jon Shafer's criticisms and where those arguments, and the communication of them, leaves understanding greatly lacking.
- 45m17s | Miscellaneous
  A past show guest's appearance on another podcast that pitted the Civilization series against other nominated titles for "Best Video Game".

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: April 27th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, GaelicWarrior

Episode 170: Never a Bad Diversion
- 01m33s | News
  An overview of the upcoming Civilization V expansion Brave New World as disclosed during the PAX East 2013 convention.
- 25m10s | Miscellaneous
  What led to a certain civilization to not to be included in the game and what the reaction to that decision has been.
- 30m22s | Open Mic
  Responding to a letter sent by electronic mail by a listener who "always seem to be king maker, instead of king".
- 39m27s | Forum Talk
  Considering what it's like and how to respond to a sub-optimal starting position and how to expand wide in CivV.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: April 13th, 2013
Hosts: Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, AlphaShard, Troy Goodfellow

Episode 169: Read the Fine Print
- 02m48s | News
  A new patch for Civilization V has been released; then, much ado about the just announced expansion Brave New World: civilizations, policies, archaeology, international trade routes, technology trading(?) and the World Congress (09m59s); Wonders of the World, Great People, Victory Conditions and Ideologies (21m45s); odds and ends revolving around focusing on the late game with new mechanics while at the same time impacting on early gameplay with an emphasis on efforts other than those based on armed combat (30m15s); and on two scenarios -- one of which raises concern over how the subject matter will be treated -- and rounding out some details on previously raised points (36m13s). (Further reference thread #1; #2; #3; #4; #5; #6; #7.)
- 48m08s | Forum Talk
  Working to avoid, or at least deal with, a runaway civilization in CivV (recorded for Episode 166).
- 53m21s | Miscellaneous
  For the first time in the Civilization V line of titles, the Macintosh port of the BNW expansion to be released at the same time as its PC counterpart.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: March 30th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, fuzzyfractal42, Izmir Stinger, Monthar

Episode 168: Skip the Derp
- 01m10s | Research Lab
  Scrutinizing a call for a Propaganda mechanic in the Civilization series, and then a proposal to overhaul the approach to the series' technology tree (08m02s).
- 14m48s | Theatre
  A gaming journalist's account of their first foray into Civ through its fifth iteration, and then two panelists account some of their own recent games within it (29m29s; recorded for Episode 163).
- 35m17s | News
  Moving with Civilization IV Lead Designer Soren Johnson to Stardock Systems where he is reportedly consulting, according to the company's Chief Executive Officer.
- 38m58s | Miscellaneous
  Daring to rank the primary titles in the Civilization series and its connection to a game research effort (55m03s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: March 16th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, fuzzyfractal42

Episode 167: Make Those Decisions Count
- 01m20s | Open Mic
  Concerned feedback stemming from the show's most previous episode, and responding to a request for help with a starving capital in a game of Civilization V (06m29s).
- 12m35s | Forum Talk
  Civilization V Lead Designer Jon Shafer expresses his views on building an empire builder and then revisits his efforts on Civilization V (24m43s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: March 02nd, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, The Observer

Episode 166: Left to Their Own Devices
- 01m14s | News
  Civilization V Lead Designer Jon Shafer leaves Stardock Corporation's games division to start his own development studio, Conifer Games, with its first-to-be title At the Gates getting a kickstart and what this may or may not mean for computer strategy gaming; then, an apparent realization that a Gold Edition for CivV is just around the corner that is to include all previously released content for the game (20m57s).
- 26m53s | Senate
  Do's and don'ts for dealing with the Plains terrain in CivV in the context of improving one recounted bogged down game in particular.
- 33m25s | Open Mic
  Responding first to specific feedback from Episode 161 and then more general feedback in response to Episode 164 (41m42s).
- 48m08s | Miscellaneous
  Civilization II Lead Designer Brian Reynolds departs from Zynga while speaking candidly about his reasoning for doing so, including his outlook on computer strategy gaming.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: February 16th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, blauerfackel

Episode 165: It's About the Intent
- 01m08s | Forum Talk
  Taking in the buzz surrounding a possible upcoming second expansion pack for Civilization V, mulling trade restrictions for landlocked civilizations (10m16s), why some leaders become afraid of others (12m38s) and rethinking a claim about exploiting unlimited experience gains (17m52s).
- 26m53s | Senate
  Tackling Workers on the front lines of CivV warfare, tearing down the game's Great Wall World Wonder (33m30s) and questioning the logic behind resource bonuses in it and CivIV (43m29s).
- 51m15s | Miscellaneous
  Raising the profile of a claim of how CivV changed the life of one gamer for the better, facilitating an introspection by some of the panelists.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: February 02nd, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, TheChrisD

Episode 164: Not Completely Ridiculous
- 00m57s | Open Mic
  Responding to feedback on both the 2012 Christmas Special and Episode 163 of the show.
- 13m34s | Research Lab
  Contemplating replacing the Worker system in the Civilization series, limiting the unit stack in context of CivIV (26m48s) and presenting an argument for a Colonist unit for future titles (36m43s).
- 46m26s | Miscellaneous
  Consolidating the show's 2012 traffic summary and taking in the surprises, and not-so-surprises, of the show's feedback survey from last season.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: January 14th, 2013
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, SilentKnight13


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