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PolyCast Evergreen, Season 8
Celebrating a decade of podcasting, a look-back at the show's eighth season: ten selected topics that most retain their relevance and ten moments that best represent delivery style. Hosted by show co-creator Wouter "Locutus" Snijders.

Runtime: 119m:00s | Filesize: 55.7MB
Release Date: August 24th, 2016
Host: Locutus

Bloopers: Volume 8
Compiling the flubs, dubs and "what the"s from Season 8 that were cut from the end of episodes due to time.

This marks the first dedicated blooper reel for the show since Season 1.

Runtime: 25m:04s | Filesize: 11.7MB
Release Date: January 03rd, 2015
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn [+19 others overall]

Episode 217: Not Just a Lame Clip Show XIV
- 00m37s | Senate
  What to make of tips for playing Civilization V with its Brave New World expansion pack (recorded for Episode 208).
- 38m20s | Forum Talk
  A run through of the little things and big things that make up CivV: BNW (recorded for Episode 210).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: December 31st, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn [+3 others overall]

TRIVIA: Show's fourteenth composite episode of archived segments

Christmas Special 2014: O Advance All Ye Playful
- 02m11s | Forum Post #1
  From "Star of Hope", how to get festive in Civilization V and Civilization: Beyond Earth through a Christmas Eve patch.
- 04m31s | Email #1
  From "Carl5872", what does the future hold for the Civ series: more for CivV or onto a the sixth Civ?
- 07m14s | Forum Post #2A
  From "stormtrooper412", making a life and death decision on a specific civilization for a specific Victory Condition in Civilization V.
- 10m18s | Forum Post #3
  From "Bezurn", taking a position on CivBE's trade route as compared to CivV and prioritizing of internal or external routes.
- 18m08s | Forum Post #4
  From "Svetkavitsa", what to correct in Civilization: Beyond Earth and how to go about doing so.
- 22m43s | Forum Post #2B
  From "stormtrooper412", deciding on when to move up in difficulty level in the Civ series.
- 25m11s | Email #2
  From "OneCrazyCanadian" the likes, dislikes and changes sought for Civilization IV as well as CivV and CivBE.
- 35m52s | Video #1
  Finding a Civilization title on a "Top 10 PC Games of the 1990s" list leading to how, and why, it and others came to be ranked.
- 43m24s | Video #2
  Comparatively, a Civ title makes it into the companion "Top 10 PC Games of the 2000s" list resulting in more discussion on the how and why of the ranking.
- 48m26s | Tweets #1, 2
  Across not one but two tweets, "Mister L" proposes a change in the Civ combat system to shake up gameplay.
- 52m56s | Forum Post #5
  From "MattZed", a query on the panelists' favourite Civilization games to play and why.
- 56m46s | Video #3
  Taking in the place of Sid Meier on a "Top 10 Iconic Video Game Creators" list and his apparent contemporaries with more questions than answers.
- 64m46s | Forum Post #6
  From "whyidie", taking an operative word of one panelist to create a list of their own to summarize "The Year in Civ".

Runtime: 77m:50s | Filesize: 35.6MB
Published: December 24th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn

Episode 216: What's Next
- 01m08s | Open Mic
  Listener "Mats" emails to inquire about the future of Civilization V coverage on the show following the release of Civilization: Beyond Earth.
- 03m57s | Senate
  Revisiting the Indian and German (18m14s) civilizations in Civ following the release of the Fall Patch for its second expansion pack, Brave New World.
- 24m08s | News
  New details emerge about the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) Civ title, Civilization Online, leading to new questions and renewal of some previously asked ones.
- 37m22s | Forum Talk
  What's behind the numbers of a "Favourite Affinity" poll for Civ: BE, near parity in a poll for "Favourite Biome" (43m46s) and from Firaxicon in September, creating Civilization atmosphere in the "Setting the Music" panel (48m30s; recorded for Episode 214).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: December 13th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, DarkestOnion

Episode 215: The Pause in Between
- 01m54s | News
  More particulars arise with respect to the upcoming Civilization: Beyond Earth patch; then, updates on the Mac and Linux ports of the game (07m24s) and announcing the winners of the show's BE contest (10m43s).
- 22m51s | Senate
  A month following the release of Civilization: Beyond Earth, the first "best"s: consensus reigns over Colonist, some differentiation over Spacecraft (27m51s), a notable dissension over Cargo (38m08s) and a mixed bag over Sponsor (39m40s).
- 45m54s | Forum Talk
  From Firaxicon in September, taking in the "Speaking in Tongues: Globalizing Civilization" panel (recorded for Episode 214).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: November 30th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, MadDjinn, AlphaShard, Magma_Dragoon

Episode 214: Somewhere in the Middle
- 01m21s | Open Mic
  Responding to a voicemail/email calling for the removal of "pedantic criticisms" from the show's topics coverage; then, taking in feedback from Episode 213 on faction lore and morality in Civilization: Beyond Earth (12m29s).
- 22m41s | News
  What the release of the CivV v1.0.3.276 patch means for gameplay is followed by the resurrection of game developer Big Huge Games and their upcoming premiere title DomiNations (31m56s) and in full circle, planning for the first BE patch.
- 39m16s | Forum Talk
  Reviewing two of the Firaxicon panels now online, BE developer Firaxis Games' own account of the game's "Great Mistake" and "Choosing the Civs" for the second Civilization V expansion pack Brave New World raises an eyebrow on the deciding factor for one of them (45m04s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: November 15th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeinTeam, MadDjinn, Teproc

Episode 213: Beyond Release
- 00m49s | Introductions
  Introducing initial thoughts, feelings and experiences with Civilization: Beyond Earth including availability of a turn-locked demo and an update on Linux and Mac availability (03m06s), critic and fan review summary (04m51s) and regular panelists' first takes (06m53s).
- 11m00s | Daniel "dacole" Cole
  First on the rotating guest co-host rotational, Daniel "dacole" Cole.
- 19m50s | "DarkestOnion"
  The second rotating guest co-host, "DarkestOnion", checks-in.
- 30m43s | Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk
  Now tying as the most frequent guest co-host on the show, Scott "AlphaShard Dirk" says hello.
- 37m52s | Michael "ixias" Kopp
  Finding himself as the fourth rotating guest co-host is Michael "ixias" Kopp.
- 43m22s | Andrew "fuzzyfractal42"
  Fifth and last on the guest co-host rotational, Andrew "fuzzyfractal42", arrives.
- 52m59s | Points of Interest
  The four regular and five guest panelists discuss Downloadable Content (DLC) and expansions for Civ: BE followed by preventing the Great Mistake (60m48s) and all on Affinities: blended victories, settlement and growth, and interpretations for humanity's evolution (64m26s).

Runtime: 90m:16s | Filesize: 43.3MB
Release Date: November 01st, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeinTeam, MadDjinn, AlphaShard, dacole, DarkestOnion, fuzzyfractal42, ixias

Episode 212: The Welcoming Committee
- 02m17s | News
  It's an all-out Civilization: Beyond Earth news bonanza: revelation of no strategic view, Australian taxes heavy on the game's pricing on Steam (06m32s) and BE's system requirements revealed.
  Then, Rev3Games interviews the game's co-Lead Designers while they play it (19m19s), developer Firaxis Games' "Let's Play" livestream gets underway (34m34s), Sid Meier is interviewed at the inaugural Firaxicon event (39m41s) and a report from one of those event's participants (46m11s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: October 18th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeinTeam, MadDjinn, GoStu

Episode 211: There's That Little Detail
- 00m54s | News
  More and more Civilization: Beyond Earth coverage emerges: the fifth livestream from developer Firaxis Games focuses on the game's Technology Web and mid-game choices is accompanied by two 100 turn playthroughs, the sixth livestream featuring a PolyCast regular co-host as special guest and what to find at the first ever Firaxicon event.
- 35m07s | Senate
  Taking stock of the revised Arabian civilization in Civilization V brought about by its second expansion pack Brave New World.
- 45m28s | Miscellaneous
  Rewinding more than two decades to find a "Let's Play" series for the original Civ, and then continuing the stroll down memory lane with a quiz covering a number of series highlights to date.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: October 04th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeinTeam, Anzleon, Memoryjar

Episode 210: Parsing Every Pixel
- 00m57s | News
  Taking in more and more Civilization: Beyond Earth information from the third livestream from developer Firaxis Games, a "First 100 Turns" playthrough video set (18m43s) and the annual megapanel from said developer (25m53s); then, on the delay of the Linux and Mac ports of the game from developer Aspyr Media (29m40s).
- 32m45s | Senate
  Whether or not a rethink on Follower belief preferences for religions in Civilization V is warranted.
- 42m54s | Forum Talk
  How to ground oneself in CivV which is "so vast" and which "good" players are making the switch from it to Beyond Earth.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: September 20th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, TheMeinTeam, MadDjinn, DarkestOnion, Eag

Episode 209: For Replayability
- 01m30s | News
  Pulling from the second and third livestreams on Civilization Beyond Earth from developer Firaxis Games and then on the planning for the company's first for-the-fans event Firaxicon (23m26s).
- 28m23s | Forum Talk
  Taking on a call for no simultaneous turns in CBE for having "ruined" Civilization V multiplay.
- 33m22s | Miscellaneous
  A cover of CivIV theme "Baba Yetu" draws both intrigue and ire followed by a look at Civilization series sale data (36m18s; recorded for Episode 199), a prediction that CivVI is to be released in 2015 (38m43s) and much suspicion and snark over a claim that "replayability" is not a word and the response to it (47m45s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: September 06th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, MadDjinn, hobbsyoyo, Lord Shadow

Episode 208: Some Flexibility Required
- 01m56s | Open Mic
  Responding to an email about Civilization: Beyond Earth as it compares to Civilization V (recorded for Episode 204).
- 03m41s | News
  Coverage of CivBE a plenty at Gamescom 2014 receives a mixed reception within the Civ community is followed by take aways from first livestream for the game from developer Firaxis Games (11m27s) while members of its team respond to an inquiry as to why the game's maps don't look particularly alien (22m43s).
- 26m52s | Senate
  Investigating the changes to all the uniques of Civilization V France brought about by its second expansion, Brave New World.
- 43m32s | Miscellaneous
  Behind the curtains of Firaxis Games on its people, philosophy and practices (recorded for Episode 207) and how to keep CivV interesting in lead-up to the pending release of Civilization: Beyond Earth (49m02s; recorded for Episode 207).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: August 23rd, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, TheGrumpyBuddha

Episode 207: On All the Faults
- 03m19s | Open Mic
  Responding to feedback on Episode 205 that questioned the "backlash" against the Downloadable Content (DLC) Map Pack inclusion with Civilization: Beyond Earth pre-orders, revisiting a "most addictive" games list and a case for the Patronage over Rationalism CivV Social Policy in feedback for Episode 206; then, two emails and a tweet from a new show listener challenging and accepting themselves to meet a consumption deadline.
- 16m16s | Forum Talk
  How enabling Raging Barbarians in Civilization V does, and does not, change a player's city build order, behaviour and more is followed by a contentious debate on whether the XCom Squad unit is overpowered or not (22m57s) and giving cites away during loosing multiplayer matches: cheat or tactic?
- 38m15s | News
  Meeting the Polystralia and Franco-Iberia factions in the up-and-coming Civ: BE.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: August 09th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, Fabio1701

Episode 206: More Insidious
- 01m20s | Miscellaneous (Part 1 of 2)
  The ambition in bringing a Civilization experience into Minecraft with CivCraft is followed by much: CivV being one gaming writer's favourite game of the past decade (07m09s); its arrival on Linux with a port for the operating system (11m02s; recorded for Episode 204); Civ being called the "most addictive" video game (15m26s) in a well-circulated popular culture magazine; on the "grand strategies" of Civ developer Firaxis Games (21m40s) and how Civilization V is played according to a survey with at the time nearing 20,000 responses (29m56s; recorded for Episode 205).
- 49m35s | News
  Many-a-review for Civilization: Revolution are in and they're mostly not positive.
- 53m19s | Miscellaneous (Part 2 of 2)
  Civilization: Beyond Earth won a few awards at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and the composer of Civilization IV's Grammy-award winning theme returns to the series with the theme for the upcoming Civilization Online (54m43s; recorded for Episode 204).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: July 26th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, UberMarklar

Episode 205: It Gets Better Again
- 01m52s | News
  The whirlwind announcement, release and and ongoing backlash against Civilization Revolution 2; then, another announcement in the form of the worldwide release date for Civilization: Beyond Earth: October 24th, 2014 (24m21s).
- 29m44s | Interview
  Beyond Earth developer Firaxis Games' Senior Producer Dennis Shirk delivers answers to ten questions about the game from Civ fans that were not asked from when he and three colleagues were on Episode 200.
- 44m42s | Miscellaneous
  With little lead-up, Firaxis launches its live streaming capability and intention... and chooses the two-year-old "Empire of the Smokey Skies" scenario from Civilization V's first expansion pack Gods & Kings to do so.
- 48m17s | Forum Talk
  A reverse chronological order progression where a CivV player looks to transition to predecessor Civilization IV.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: July 12th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, Hammer Rabbi

Episode 204: Rusty Veterans
- 01m09s | Senate
  Concluding the detailed looks at the new Civilization V civilizations introduced in the Brave New World expansion pack with the Zulu.
- 19m23s | News (Part 1 of 2)
  From the floor of of the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), many hands-on previews of Civilization: Beyond Earth, the much anticipated Alpha Centauri spiritual sequel.
- 31m51s | Forum Talk
  Why so many Civ series veterans cherish AC and back in CivV, is the Salt Luxury Resource overpowered as is in the game (38m50s).
- 49m26s | News (Part 2 of 2)
  Taking Civilization IV publisher 2K Games to task over the removal, albeit with prompt reversal, of Direct IP and Pitboss multiplayer capabilities for Steam-based versions of the game.
- 55m34s | Miscellaneous
  Observing the re-release of Rise of Nations as an Extended Edition and its connection to not one, but two, points covered earlier in the show.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: June 28th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, brunopradosantos

Episode 203: Not Just a Lame Clip Show XIII
- 01m01s | Open Mic
  Whether in Civilization V adopting the Peity Social Policy, towards adopting the Jesuit Education Reformation belief, is worth the effort as asked of the panel (recorded for Episode 198).
- 11m15s | Forum Talk
  The merits of limiting a civilization's borders on ocean to a single tile (recorded for Episode 193).
- 17m07s | Senate
  Subsequent city settling or first completion of CivV's National College being a first priority and similarly whether to construct this National Wonder or go on the warpath (recorded for Episode 192, followed by the approach to peacetime standing armies in it as well as Civilization IV (29m30s; recorded for Episode 197) and strategies for playing as and against Venice back again to CivV (42m02s; recorded for Episode 202).
- 54m39s | Miscellaneous
  The odyssey that is waging war by fielding a number of Scout units in Civilization V (recorded for Episode 191).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: June 21st, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn [+10 others overall]

TRIVIA: Show's thirteenth composite episode of archived segments

Episode 202: Nerding Out
- 01m14s | News
  The first handful of hands-on previews of Civilization: Beyond Earth surface, followed by a detailed three-part review of the first closed beta of Civilization: Online (21m13s).
- 36m26s | Miscellaneous
  Taking a close look and careful reflection on the video "Errant Signal: Civilization" with a brief tie-in to the semi-related earlier production "Errant Signal: Keep Your Politics Out of My Video Games".
- 51m21s | Assorted
  The Civilization tie-in that is "The Game" episode of Stargate: Atlantis and a condensed feature of "Just One More Game" by BriSy (55m45s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: June 14th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, reddishrecue

Episode 201: Start Talking
- 06m43s | Vault (Part 1 of 2)
  Going through a slew of Civilization: Revoution reviews (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 (recorded for Episode 48)) followed by impressions of the game (14m21s; recorded for Yak Civilization: Revolution and a then-update on the crowd sourcing effort of Civilization V designer Jon Shafer's independent strategy title At the Gates (17m47s; recorded for Episode 167).
- 21m46s | Vault (Part 2 of 2)
  On the accumulation of Science (recorded for Episode 106), and the Victory Conditions (recorded for Episode 124), in Civilization V; then, the licensing of Civilization IV theme composer Christopher Tin's music for Civilization: World (30m40s; recorded for Episode 130) and what was with being able to get Nuclear Submarines before Submarines in CivV (33m03s; recorded for Episode 134).
- 35m54s | Call Back
  From October 2011, helping multiple representatives from a car rental company realize that they've got the wrong number.
- 40m53s | Test Stream
  The PolyCast live stream you've almost assuredly not heard before from August 2012.

Runtime: 61m:27s | Filesize: 29.5MB
Release Date: June 07th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn [+ Others]

Episode 200: Looking Forward to More
- 01m07s | Introductions
  Setting and taking the stage where the four regular co-hosts are joined by Civilization IV modder turned game designer Derek "Kael" Paxton and two former regular co-hosts, Kelly "KMadeleine"/"KMadCandy" and original panelist Imran "Imran Siddiqui" Siddiqui.
- 08m28s | Q&A: Firaxis Games
  From Civilization: Beyond Earth developer Firaxis Games is Director of Gameplay Development Barry Caudill, Senior Producer Dennis Shirk, Principal Programmer Ed Beach and Community Associate Kevin Schultz to discuss the up-and-coming title as well as CivV's status and the place of community interaction in their development.
- 33m21s | Cut! Minisodes
  Honouring the "Cut!" side series from the show's first season, a compilation of cut snippets from each episode produced, with six minisodes combining select moments from Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
- 43m28s | Past Guests (Part 1 of 3)
  The first roll-call of past guest co-hosts drop in for well wishes including past regular co-host Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney.
- 51m20s | Past Guests (Part 2 of 3)
  The second roll-call of past guest co-hosts drop in for well wishes.
- 62m48s | TurnCast
  Highlighting the show's Civilization multiplay spin-off series TurnCast with previously unreleased clips: its fourth season continues this summer.
- 63m46s | Memory Lane
  Three time-guest co-host, gaming journalist and podcaster Jonah Falcon shares his memories of and with the show to present day... with never-before-heard clips from several past episode recordings in support of the recollections.
- 66m51s | ModCast
  Announcing the show's Civilization modding spin-off series ModCast with clips from its fiftieth episode that begins its sixth season this summer.
- 67m38s | Prize Giveaway
  A record of each winner of one of five Steam codes for Civilization V: Complete, a combined $250US value courtesy developer Firaxis Games.
- 74m00s | Advisor Panel
  The Civilization V Advisor Panel as you have never heard them before in the mini-series "In This Lesson", compiled and produced by lead co-host Daniel "DanQ" Quick -- it is ths sequel to "I Disagree, Sire" included on Episode 100.
- 82m36s | Past Guests (Part 3 of 3)
  The third roll-call of past guest co-hosts drop in for well wishes.
- 89m57s | Archived Segment
  Recorded for Episode 60, the implications of a "One More Turn" flowchart for Civilization games are considered.
- 92m54s | Declassified Bloopers
  An assortment of bloopers from episode recordings of the series to date that were previously deemed 'too hot' to be released publicly.
- 95m30s | One More Turn
  Cross-promoting the show's cousin drama/comedy One More Turn currently in its first season.
- 100m17s | CivAnon Medley
  A medley of clips from fan written, acted and produced in the spirit of the fictional "Civilization Anonymous" support group.

Runtime: 111m:27s | Filesize: 51.0MB
Release Date: May 31st, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn [+ 24 others]

Episode 199: So Close
- 02m13s | Open Mic
  A delayed response to an earlier episode on Civilization V capital settling delay for increased difficulty followed by replies to three emails from "slo": why a general preference for settling on the coast versus inland (04m27s), how often are wars generally started by a human player (09m59s), unit choice for attacking a city based on its strength (12m49s) and an extension to Episode 199's Shoshone discussion on prioritizing bonus selection from Ruin exploration (15m38s).
- 22m45s | Forum Talk
  Taking to task annoying units in, and is religion worth bothering with, in CivV (30m16s).
- 35m36s | News
  How Civilization: Beyond Earth's designers are approaching the lore embedded in the game's background and gameplay, and then looking at PC Gamer's print article on the upcoming title with a focus on Affinity... identification.
- 47m17s | Miscellaneous
  The display and discourse behind playing Civilization V as performance art (recorded for Episode 198).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: May 17th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, TheChrisD

Episode 198: Fill In Some of the Blanks
- 01m14s | News
  A roundup of the first fortnight of previews, interviews and the panel that started it all of Civilization: Beyond Earth and an account of series publisher 2K Games announcing official legacy support for the multiplayer components of CivIII and CivIV amongst others (28m29s); then, an officially unofficial answer to future development for Civilization V that was hidden in plain sight (33m37s).
- 37m05s | Senate
  Delving deep into play of the Shoshone civilization introduced in the Civ expansion Brave New World.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: May 03rd, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, ixias, WarningU2

Episode 197: Ready for the Awesomeness
- 01m14s | News
  Much anticipation leads to the announcement of Civilization: Beyond Earth at PAX East 2014, already being seen by many as the spiritual successor to 1999's Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri; then, word that the GameSpy Multiplay service is being shut down at the end of May gets some attention -- and a suggested workaround -- from the Civ community (13m11s).
- 24m24s | Open Mic
  Responding to feedback from Episode 196 with extended consideration to one inquiry followed by what the panelists themselves would like to see added, possibly even brought back into, Civilization and specifically CivV (35m19s).
- 43m18s | Theatre
  One panelist's account of dealing with the loss of their civilization's capital city which had been carrying much of its science output... without rage quitting.
- 46m28s | Forum Talk
  Implications for Civilization V gameplay are analyzed in a response to a suggestion to have one's playstyle choose their Ideology as opposed to player choice.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: April 19th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, Izmir Stinger, adwtca

Episode 196: Far to the Side
- 02m58s | Open Mic
  A past guests checks-in with a voicemail on a new Civilization V: Brave New World tournament coming together followed by an email from "red" on more specialized versus generalized civilizations (08m05s) and then responding to both feedback on Episode 192 (15m25s; recorded for Episode 193) and then Episode 195 (19m46s).
- 31m04s | Forum Talk
  An apparent hangup on using Tank units in CivV and the fork in the road that is settling for Hill and Rilver, Hill and Mountain or River and Mountain (35m14s).
- 40m03s | Miscellaneous
  A 'Top 10' of good and bad jokes about Civilization V (recorded for Episode 190) and an update to the Macintosh version of the game to improve performance (44m21s).
- 46m43s | News
  Civilizations to be included, and timeline for open beta, on the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) title Civilization: Online from developer XL Games and CivV developer Firaxis Games to be at PAX East 2014 and what they're teasing to reveal (51m59s).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: April 05th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, MadDjinn, Thorburne, Talcove

Episode 195: That's a Different Argument
- 01m59s | Senate
  A focus on the gateway that is Morocco in Civilization V: Brave New World followed by a similar treatment for Portugal (15m56s).
- 29m10s | Research Lab
  What if a would-be Civilization VI's map was a hexagon tessellated sphere and then given this, what about global warming mechanics (34m54s).
- 46m35s | Open Mic
  Responding to criticism and praise for the show's one-hundred-and-ninty-third episode (recorded for Episode 194).

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: March 22nd, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, chazzycat

Episode 194: Ramble On
- 03m09s | Forum Talk
  Comparing Civilization V to Alpha Centauri at length.
- 23m08s | Senate
  All about the "progressive warhorse" that is the Polish civilization brought to CivV via its Brave New World expansion pack.
- 30m40s | Open Mic
  Taking in a different approach to an Autocratic Cultural Victory in CivV: BNW as described by "Karmah" in an email and reflecting feedback from Episode 191 of the show (33m47s).
- 39m41s | Theatre
  An overpowering realization and a hoarding opponent (recorded for Episode 163).
- 42m19s | Miscellaneous
  A humourous yet poignant look at whether or not to move your Settler from its starting position in CivV.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: March 08th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, KingMorgan

Episode 193: Choices Matter
- 01m47s | Forum Talk
  Concluding a point-by-point consideration of one user's "Balance Patch" dream for Civilization V: Brave New World at length.
- 39m51s | Open Mic
  Replying to one, two, three emails addressed to the show's panelists: an argument for taking the full Liberty and Patronage Social Policy trees from "Nick" followed by when to assign Specialists in cities from "slo" (44m44s) and how to more effectively utilize spies in CivV multiplayer games from "Mats" (48m54s).
- 49m18s | News
  Acknowledging CivV: BNW's nomination for a 2014 "Games: Strategy and Simulation" award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: February 22nd, 2014
Hosts: Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, AlphaShard, Reyzant

Episode 192: Ahead of the Game
- 01m58s | Senate
  Taking in a guide on how to playing as and against Indonesia in Civilization V: Brave New World and how many Trading Post improvements to build in one's cities (13m07s).
- 20m27s | Forum Talk
  The first of a two-part look at one user's dream of a "Balance Patch" for CivV by mid-year.
- 45m20s | News
  From expectation to confirmation of Civilization V: Complete and also that what was codenamed 'Bison' is the free "Conquest of the New World Deluxe" scenario for new and existing players of the game.
- 49m18s | Open Mic
  Revisiting the divisive nature of Vassal States in the Civilization series and the connection to the show.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: February 08th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, TPangolin

Episode 191: Find a Balance Point
- 03m06s | Open Mic
  Responding to feedback from Episode 191 and answering an email from "Red" about making co-operative multiplayer Civilization V games enjoyable for those at varying difficulty level proficiencies (11m19s).
- 20m04s | Forum Talk
  Taking a pulse on what the best Unique Building in CivV presently is, arguing that chopping Jungle tiles giving one nothing shouldn't be (29m17s), and the prevalence of talking to one's self while playing the game (35m17s).
- 39m27s | Research Lab
  Measuring the merit of a suggestion for having land units surrender to enemy armies and getting into a concept for Landmines in the Civilization series (46m05s).
- 51m07s | Miscellaneous
  A chart looks to summarize what Civ players mean when they say "one more turn".

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: January 25th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, nerdysandy

Episode 190: And What Not
- 01m18s | Forum Talk
  Raging about a lack of compensation in rushing Wonders of the World with Great Engineers and expending Great Prophets simultaneously in rushing to found the last available religion in Civilization V multiplayer, and then having a preference to found an Ideology as part of the game's Brave New World expansion pack (09m24s).
- 16m03s | Senate
  What approaches to following when trying for a Culture Victory followed by a focus on Brazil as "kings" of the jungle and analyzing Assyria as technology "thieves", all in CivV: BNW.
- 41m33s | Open Mic
  Sharing the results of the show's 2013 Feedback Survey and responding to supplementary messages.

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.7MB
Release Date: January 11th, 2014
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, SilentKnight13


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