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PolyCast Episode 413: Christmas Special?
- 00h02m57s |  The Release of Leader Pack 1
- 00h17m18sThe Civ Give 2022
- 00h22m13sEd Beach Interview with wccftech
- 00h31m51sAra-History Untold Dev Diaries Released.
- 00h49m28sMaster of Magic Remake Released.
- 00h54m58sLeader Pack 2 Leaders Previewed
- 00h54m58sLeader Pack 2 Developer Livestream and Patch Notes Discussion

Runtime: 01h14m47s | Filesize: 72.4MB
Recorded: 17 December 2022
Published: 29 April 2023
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 412: When We Thought It Was Over
- 00h03m39sCivilization VI Leader Pass Announced.
- 00h17m14sNovember 17th Developer Livestream with Focus on Julius Caesar
- 00h34m15sAmplitude Announces Together We Rule Expansion for Humankind.
- 00h41m11sSoren Johnson Tweets About Being a Civ Designer.

Runtime: 00h47m24s | Filesize: 37.7MB
Recorded: 19 November 2022
Published: 4 February 2023
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 411: We Left the Ladder In, Right?
- 00h01m56sSolium Infernum, A Turn-Based Strategy Game in Hell
- 00h09m40sFrom Alpha Centauri to Beyond Earth
Forum Talk
- 00h22m30sSteamDB Developments Hint at New DLC for Civlization VI.
- 00h31m00sPassing on Great People in Civilization VI
- 00h41m54sWhat's Up with Warrior Monks?

Runtime: 00h55m13s | Filesize: 57.4MB
Recorded: 22 October 2022
Published: 1 February 2023
Hosts: Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan, TheChrisD

PolyCast Episode 410: Geese Are Nasty, Nasty Birds
- 00h01m45sChristopher Tin's "The Lost Birds" Released
- 00h07m36sAnton Strenger's Presentation at GDC 2022, The Presentation
Forum Talk
- 00h23m33sShould You Build Railroads?
Research Lab
- 00h32m08sHow Would You Design a Nomadic Civilization?
- 00h52m53sBarbarian Clans Comedy Video
- 00h56m19s |  American Birds

Runtime: 01h00m19s | Filesize: 57.4MB
Recorded: 8 October 2022
Published: 7 December 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 409: Submitted for Peer Review
- 00h00m50s |  Sulcata Tortoises and Swedish Patch Notes
- 00h05m30sNew Civilization Franchise Merchandise Expansion
- 00h11m30s2K Games Support Hacked
- 00h18m12sManagerial Skills and Cvilization Player Skill, Related Research Paper
Research Lab
- 00h34m02sCivMD's Comprehensive Domination Victory Guide Discussion.
- 00h44m25s |  Day of Defeat Multiplayer

Runtime: 00h55m07s | Filesize: 55.5MB
Recorded: 24 September 2022
Published: 12 November 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 408: Why Do Anything When You Can Pillage?
- 00h01m00sCiv Spinoff Game Ideas
- 00h05m58sHumankind Announces Together We Rule Expansion.
- 00h10m09sCivMD's Comprehensive Domination Victory Guide Discussion. The Guide Itself (Google Document)

Runtime: 00h59m26s | Filesize: 55.5MB
Recorded: 10 September 2022
Published: 22 October 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, MegaBearsFan, CivMD

PolyCast Episode 407: They Deleted Our Topic!
- 00h01m00s |  Recent Floods in the US
- 00h03m30sUnCiv Released for Mobile Platforms.
Forum Talk
- 00h07m52sShould There Be A Minimum City Revolt Time?
- 00h15m31sWhat Exactly IS A Civilization?
- 00h23m11sWhat Policy Cards Do You Use In Your Games?
- 00h38m00sChoral Music, Jesuit Education, or Work Ethic?
- 00h44m25s |  Revisiting the Deleted Topic

Runtime: 00h47m48s | Filesize: 47.1MB
Recorded: 27 August 2022
Published: 5 September 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 406: It's A Lot Better Than Watergate
- 00h02m25sTwitter Post Sparks Beyond Earth 2 Rumors.
- 00h12m39sxBox Patch for Civilization VI Released.
- 00h16m04sVote for Civilization 1 and 2 for Good Old Games.
- 00h18m22s |  PolyCast Season 1 Has Been Uploaded to the YouTube Channel.
Forum Talk
- 00h19m23sCoastal Flooding and Flood Barriers
- 00h36m49sBasil II Has Become Unpopular.
- 00h47m31sDoor Monster's New Video About Workers

Runtime: 01h09m57s | Filesize: 66.5MB
Recorded: 13 August 2022
Published: 9 September 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 405: Unless You Count the Launcher
- 00h01m00s |  Time Zones in the US
- 00h06m39sThe Lost Birds by Christopher Tin Announced
Forum Talk
- 00h13m04sThe Core of the 4X "Boring Endgame" Problem
- 00h38m48sSpiffing Brit Breaks the Game: Chinese Wonders Edition

Runtime: 00h51m04s | Filesize: 48.2MB
Recorded: 30 July 2022
Published: 2 September 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 404: PodCcast Not Found
- 00h02m00sDanQ is Now a Father.
- 00h05m17sFreeCiv Reaches 3.0.
- 00h08m09sSid Meier's Warning About Monetization in Gaming.
Forum Talk
- 00h24m38sFive Second Turn Timer Marathon Civilization Multiplayer
- 00h49m35sFilthy Robot Interviews Soren Johnson About Old World

Runtime: 01h04m28s | Filesize: 71.7MB
Recorded: 16 July 2022
Published: 29 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam

PolyCast Episode 403: 100 Turns to the Next District
- 00h01m32sTake-Two Merges with Zynga.
- 00h05m24sMicrosoft Announces Ara: History Untold.
Forum Talk
- 00h11m03sProduction Problems in Civilization VI
- 00h35m52sFeatures of Civilization VI We Want to Return in Civilization VII
- 01h08m00s |  A Topic is Derailed into Bug Speculation Surrounding Hearts of Iron VI.

Runtime: 01h26m29s | Filesize: 109MB
Recorded: 18 June 2022
Published: 26 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 402: Straight Into The Salt
- 00h01m06sSoren Johnson's Old World Released on PC One Year Late.
- 00h02m43sRemembering Those Who Have Left Us
Forum Talk
- 00h06m20sThe Evolution of Civilization VI: From a Monument Placement Simulator to a Game
- 00h38m49sSingle Player Hotseat for a Better Challenge
- 00h42m24sWhich Civs are the Most Defensive?
- 01h00m02s |  Notable Sounds in Civilization IV and V

Runtime: 01h04m37s | Filesize: 81.1MB
Recorded: 21 May 2022
Published: 22 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 401: No Independent Texas, Please
- 00h01m08sThe Strong Museum of Play Adds Civilization to Its Hall of Fame.
Forum Talk
- 00h16m01s6 Great Scientists At Once?
- 00h18m33sOver Randomization in Civilization VI
- 00h28m33sDo We Really Want an AI That Makes Reasoned Choices?
Research Lab
- 00h42m24sWhat Unlikely Civ Would You Like to See In Civilization?

Runtime: 01h09m02s | Filesize: 84.4MB
Recorded: 7 May 2022
Published: 19 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 400: All's Fair in Love and Civilization
- 00h01m55s |  PolyCast's 400 Show Retrospective
- 00h29m01sSoren Johnson Talks About Diplomacy in Civilization III.
Forum Talk
- 00h41m03sIs Civilization VI Worth Playing in 2022?
- 00h46m40sIs Civilization V Worth Playing in 2022?
- 01h00m48sIs Civilization: Beyond Earth Worth Playing in 2022?

Runtime: 01h18m24s | Filesize: 68.4MB
Recorded: 23 April 2022
Published: 15 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 399: We Play Other Games, Too
- 00h01m38sAlways Online Vulnerability: The Dark Souls Remote Execution Exploit and Civilization
- 00h08m38sCivilization IV Listed in The Games That Made Us Column
- 00h22m26s |  Civilization V Listed as One of the Best Strategy Games On PC
Forum Talk
- 00h31m59sStrategic Resources: Analysis of Civ 6 and Future for Civ 7

Runtime: 01h15m04s | Filesize: 80.7MB
Recorded: 9 April 2022
Published: 12 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 398: Scouts Don't Count as Military
- 00h01m19s |  The 2K Launcher Updates Again and Disappoints Everyone.
- 00h09m41sCivilization VI Works on Steam Deck
- 00h16m26sSix "New" Ways to Play Civilization VI
Forum Talk
- 00h31m59sA Video of Civilization V Multiplayer Reminds Us of Everything Hate About Multiplayer.
- 00h37m07s |  MegaBearsFan's Top 10 Bad Ideas in Civilization VI

Runtime: 01h13m16s | Filesize: 86.7MB
Recorded: 12 March 2022
Published: 8 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 397: We Had to Walk Uphill Both Ways
- 00h02m11sCities: Skylines Modder Banned for Illicit Activities on Steam Workshop.
Forum Talk
- 00h07m47sSeveral Civilization Developers Discuss Their Games.
- 00h27m06s |  MegaBearsFan's Top 10 Good Ideas in Civilization VI; Associated Blog Post
- 00h56m45s |  Feedback and Questions on Small Island Starts from a Viewer

Runtime: 01h09m09s | Filesize: 86.7MB
Recorded: 26 February 2022
Published: 5 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan

PolyCast Episode 396: Objective Performance Metrics for Civilization at School
- 00h02m18sAnton Strenger Leaves Firaxis
Forum Talk
- 00h13m28sLingering Questions About Civilization VI
- 00h26m47sCivilization and Humankind in the Classroom
- 00h36m25s |  The "Daftest Messages" from Agendas
- 00h43m24s |  A Powered Buildings Tier List for Civilization VI

Runtime: 01h03m45s | Filesize: 79.6MB
Recorded: 15 January 2022
Published: 1 August 2022
Hosts: CanusAlbinus, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MegaBearsFan


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