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Episode 49: Spectacularly Unexpected
- 03m46s | Miscellaneous
  What more the panelists have learned about Civilization V since the release of its second expansion pack Brave New World.
- 11m25s | Modding Spotlight
  Outlining the history, present status and future of "Kael's Modders Guide" for CivV followed by an update on the status of the "Civilization IV Diplomacy" MOD for the game.
- 28m47s | Mailbag
  Answering a listener question about the ability to modify CivV sound and titles followed by transition from Java to LUA programming.
- 42m14s | Artist's Sketchpad
  The depth of art asset resources available to modders for CivV as compared to CivIV and how history is repeating itself.

Runtime: 51m:56s | Filesize: 24.9MB
Release Date: August 24th, 2013
Hosts: Hambil; AlphaShard; Kael; Putmalk

INFO: Last appearance of Kevin "Gilded Duke" Bryan as a regular co-host

Episode 48: Lay of the Land
- 02m04s | News
  Comparing Civilization V: Brave New World's effects on and oddities impacting modding to the first expansion Gods & Kings including encouragements, disappointments and approaches to changing mods so that they are compatible with this new release.
- 15m27s | Cartography Room
  The good and the bad of present-day custom map usage in CivV multiplayer.
- 21m08s | Miscellaneous
  Options for continuing to mo for CivV iterations previous to BNW and sustaining any and all such efforts over the long term.
- 31m24s | Mailbag
  Following up on the challenges, and rewards, of collaborative modding efforts in response and extension to discussion in Episode 47.
- 40m00s | Modding Spotlight
  "Thalassicus" overviews his modding efforts leading to consideration of choices for replayability in such works and how to take when they're subsequently incorporated into the base game. Then, "FramedArchitect" shares his modding background, experience and reflections for encouragement while select past, present and future projects of his are examined (51m40s).

Runtime: 63m:23s | Filesize: 30.4MB
Release Date: July 27th, 2013
Hosts: GildedDuke; Hambil; FramedArchitect; Thalassicus

INFO: Last appearance of Mark "Hambil" Ford as a regular co-host

Episode 47: What Just Happened
- 02m36s | Profile
  All panelists, regular and guest co-hosts alike, indulge in some shameless self-promotion about their past and present game modding expertise and experience.
- 06m49s | News
  The state of Civilization V and the impact, and implications, for the game's modding community.
- 13m12s | Miscellaneous (Part 1 of 2)
  A dissection of CivV's Artificial Intelligence yields evidence that it is more intelligent and intuitive than most gamers give it credit for.
- 18m09s | Modding Spotlight
  Speaking with "Putmalk" about his "Civilization IV Diplomacy MOD" and other efforts for CivV; then, the influence of Mass Effect for the modding efforts of "Pluvia" (28m38s).
- 42m14s | Miscellaneous (Part 2 of 2)
  The benefits of challenges of working with one or more people on a game modification effort.
- 46m53s | Cartography Room
  On getting a Civilization V map into a hex editor towards greater control over its in-game use.

Runtime: 54m:35s | Filesize: 26.2MB
Release Date: June 29th, 2013
Hosts: GildedDuke; Hambil; Putmalk; Pluvia

INFO: First appearance of Kevin "Gilded Duke" Bryan as a regular co-host
INFO: First appearance of Mark "Hambil" Ford as a regular co-host


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