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Episode 61: One Thing Led to Another
- 02m41s | Modding Spotlight
  From "City-State Diplomacy", and again to the "Community Patch Project" for Civilization V, what has driven and continues to drive its creation, alterations and promotion.
- 31m31s | Cartography Room
  What can be found in the Kulin, Beothuk and Kimberley civilizations for the "Colonialist Legacies" civilization series for CivV, its future and connections to the Battle Royale.

Runtime: 50m:27s | Filesize: 23.0MB
Release Date: December 19th, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard, Gazebo

Episode 60: Filling Buckets
- 04m14s | Modding Spotlight
  The beginnings and most recent works of Civilization V modder "vicevirtuoso" are discussed with the man himself; then, the same -- plus what more is in store -- to add to the collection of "LeeS"' works (13m36s).
- 32m25s | Cartography Room
  From "JFD" and "Pouakai" comes the "Mercenaries" modification for CivV, and what this can mean for present and even past works for the game.
- 35m18s | Miscellaneous
  Bringing out the wishlist for a Civilization VI for modding, beyond modding and back again.

Runtime: 53m:22s | Filesize: 24.4MB
Release Date: November 14th, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), Janboruta, AlphaShard, LeeS, vicevirtuoso

Episode 59: A Certain Standard Now
- 01m47s | Modding Spotlight
  The Wonder-fully extensive collection of Civilization V modification works by "Pouakai".
- 19m21s | Cartography Room
  An affection for both the "Greatest Cities" and "Militia Defense mods by "FramedArchitect" for CivV (recorded for Episode 58).
- 24m32s | Code Corner
  The what, why and at times how of bringing back certain elements from Civ titles past to Civ titles present and possibly future (recorded for Episode 58).
- 31m46s | Miscellaneous
  Outlining mod collaborations for Civilization V past and present, and panelists' favourite civilizations released within the community this past year (38m47s).

Runtime: 51m:01s | Filesize: 23.3MB
Release Date: August 22nd, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, Pouakai, Sukritact

Episode 58: When You Believe In Magic
- 02m09s | Modding Spotlight
  In the deep of the "faerun" modification for Civilization V and its Brave New World expansion pack by "FramedArchitect".
- 19m30s | Code Corner
  Emergence, popualarity and revisions for the "Health & Plague" mod is followed by emergence of "Reforestation" and distate and outlook for "Global Warming" mods (30m05s) and the deceptively simple background for the "Move Capital mod, all all by "FramedArchitect" for CivV (36m07s).
- 38m05s | Cartography Room
  Hopes and wishes for an increased interest in scenarios within, and as a representation otherwise of, Civilization V modding.

Runtime: 48m:45s | Filesize: 23.4MB
Release Date: June 27th, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), Janboruta, AlphaShard, FramedArchitect

Episode 57: Kicking and Screaming
- 03m50s | Modding Spotlight
  What inspires, encourages, makes and promotes the series of Canadian First Nations Modification (MOD) Packs by "Neirai".
- 24m58s | Miscellaneous
  The one step forward, and two steps back, that would be pay-for Civilization MODs.

Runtime: 62m:27s | Filesize: 28.5MB
Release Date: May 02nd, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, AlphaShard, Neirai

Episode 56: What Is That Supposed to Imply
- 01m54s | Modding Spotlight (Part 1 of 2)
  From getting into Civilization V modding, present projects including the venerable "Events and Decisions" work and a look ahead into the near future, all about "Sukritact" from the man himself. In order of discussion, other efforts of his raised are the civilizations of Tibet, Tuscany, Sami, Gaul, Chinkook, Khmer and Burmese.
- 22m23s | Miscellaneous
  The panel tackles the ever present choice in civilization design: lead with research to place unique abilities or lead with unique abilities that is supported by research.
- 28m59s | Artist's Sketchpad
  Examining two of the first fully modded 3D CivV leaderheads, Adolf Hitler for "The Empire of Germany" by "JFD" and Sir Henry Parkes for Australia by "TPangolin" as part of the 'Colonist Legacies' series; then, a general overview on what these works mark for the community (32m15s).
- 34m27s | Modding Spotlight (Part 2 of 2)
  On a substantial update for the "Anno Domini mod by "Rob (R8XFT)" coming about and toward what is still to come.

Runtime: 55m:55s | Filesize: 25.6MB
Release Date: March 21st, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard, Sukritact

Episode 55: Special Snowflake
- 02m17s | Modding Spotlight
  Getting one's barb on through a constructive and critical examination of the 'Barbarian Invasion' event civilization releases for Civilization V: "The Gauls" by "sukritact", "The Germans" by "JFD" (10m46s), "The Thracians" by "Viregel" (21m58s) and "The Iberians" by "tarcisiocm" (26m58s).
  Then, simple CivV game changes through some not-so-simple coding by "Leugi" in putting together the "BarbIE" MOD (34m17s).

Runtime: 48m:09s | Filesize: 22.0MB
Release Date: February 21st, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard

Episode 54: Just Felt Dirty
- 02m09s | Miscellaneous
  On the shifting attitude towards, and outlook on, Civilization V modding throughout 2014 and then considerations of copyright of works by, and between, modders (05m26s).
- 12m44s | Modding Spotlight
  On the effort and inspiration behind the "Communitas Enhanced Gameplay" MOD for Civilization V (recorded for Episode 48).
- 28m38s | Mailbag
  The results of the "2014 Listener Feedback Survey" for the show: few responses with big impressions.

Runtime: 48m:24s | Filesize: 22.1MB
Release Date: February 07th, 2015
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard


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