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Episode 74: So Much Perfect
- 02m00s | Modder's Spotlight
  Profiling the works of the show's guest with emphasis on City State Packs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, all for Civilization VI, as well as modder's past record and future aspirations within the gaming community.
- 26m28s | Miscellaneous
  How an honest, yet substantial, mistake led to accustations of racism leveed against a CivV/VI modding group and their response to it.
- 30m41s | Mailbag
  A comment, with embedded request, in response to Episode 73 leads to an examination of the poster's own works for Civilization VI.

Runtime: 47m:19s | Filesize: 21.6MB
Release Date: December 16th, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), Neirai, LeeS, thecrazyscotsman

Episode 73: Knock It Out of the Park
- 00m32s | Modder's Spotlight
  Recent Civilization VI works by the show's returning guest: the Swahili, prompting consideration of heavily faovuring coastal starts for a civilization, custom leaders of Siam and Ethiopia, and at length enter the Policy Manager modification.
- 23m15s | Mailbag
  Responding to feedback first from Episode 71 and then, more substantively and in turn substantially, from Episode 72.
- 26m01s | Code Corner
  The Application Program Interface (API) for CivVI is compared to Civilization V with focus on the former's modifier system versus programming language Lua in the latter, and Lua's presence otherwise in VI.

Runtime: 35m:49s | Filesize: 16.4MB
Release Date: October 15th, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), vicevirtuoso, Neirai, LeeS, Sukritact

Episode 72: Where the Buffalo Roam
- 02m24s | Miscellaneous
  An update on the status of the Civilization VI modding community, and the ups and downs of transitioning to modding it from V (10m42s).
- 19m54s | Code Corner
  The significance of CivVI Agendas and Projects for modding and tools modders wish were available to smooth implementation headaches (28m11s).

Runtime: 41m:07s | Filesize: 18.8MB
Release Date: August 05th, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), vicevirtuoso, Neirai, LeeS

Episode 71: Faucet's On
- 00m33s | Miscellaneous
  Considerations in designing Civilization VI religions (recorded for Episode 69), designing generally in CivVI as well as its two immediate predecessors (05m29s) and contemplating future works loops back greatly on religious considerations (14m05s; recorded for Episode 70).

Runtime: 27m:02s | Filesize: 12.3MB
Release Date: June 10th, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), vicevirtuoso, Neirai, LeeS [+1 Other]

TRIVIA: Show's second composite episode of archived segments

Episode 70: Seeing What There Is To See
- 03m10s | Modding Spotlight
  All eyes and ears on the work of "Deliverator" for Civilization VI, and how the works came to be.
- 17m38s | Miscellaneous
  The good, bad and ugly elements that make up the present state of CivVI modding.
- 28m10s | Code Corner
  For modders and players alike, "Buildings Are Fun" looks to setup buildings with specific construction requirements that also makes use of "Dummy Buildings Systems".

Runtime: 39m:33s | Filesize: 18.1MB
Release Date: May 27th, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), Neirai, LeeS, Deliverator

Episode 69: Laying Foundations
- 06m06s | Miscellaneous
  Experiencing making changes to Civilization VI with, and without, modding tools and then pondering changes to the game from a modder's perspective (18m23s).

Runtime: 40m:29s | Filesize: 18.5MB
Release Date: April 15th, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), vicevirtuoso, Neirai, LeeS

INFO: First appearance of "vicevirtuoso" as permanent second regular regular
INFO: First appearance of "Neirai" as permanent third regular regular
INFO: First appearance of "LeeS" as permanent fourth regular regular

Episode 68: Put Together
- 00m52s | Topic #1
  On pitfalls in the Religion and Tourism mechanics in Civilization V and towards tweaking the game's trade system User Interface (02m50s; recorded for Episode 48).
- 05m28s | Cartography Room
  Much quality to be found amongst a number of the game's user-created civilizations (recorded for Episode 50).
- 08m11s | Code Corner (Part 1 of 2)
  Having City States in CivV produce Settlers for expansion (recorded for Episode 58).
- 13m30s | Miscellaneous (Part 1 of 2)
  A then-update on Anno Domini for Civilization V (recorded for Episode 61).
- 20m57s | Code Corner (Part 2 of 2)
  Varying coding practices in game modding.
- 25m49s | Modding Spotlight
  Using an enhanced modding screen for CivV and an events generator (recorded for Episode 64).
- 30m20s | Miscellaneous (Part 2 of 2)
  The "weirdest and worst" comments for Civilization V works in the Steam community, how the popularity of some has come to influence those creators' approach to modding (34m13s) and how the most spent time on mod came to be so consuming (37m25s; recorded for Episode 66).

Runtime: 51m:37s | Filesize: 23.6MB
Release Date: January 21st, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard [+8 Others]

INFO: Last appearance of "TPangolin" as permanent second regular regular
INFO: Last appearance of "Janboruta" as permanent third regular regular
INFO: Last appearance of "AlphaShard" as permanent fourth regular regular
TRIVIA: Show's first composite episode of archived segments


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