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Special: Modding Beyond Earth
- 01m36s | Part 1
  First thoughts, impressions and suggestions for Civilization: Beyond Earth from the panelists.
- 12m07s | Part 2
  Overviewing the initial wave of BE mod releases including "Weaker Trade", "Beyond Balance", "EuropSpace" and "The Holy See".
- 19m20s | Part 3
  Looking ahead to total conversion MODs using Civilization: Beyond Earth and the familiarity of Civilization V, the engine upon which it is based.

Runtime: 25m:46s | Filesize: 12.3MB
Release Date: December 20th, 2014
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard

Episode 53: Self-Propelling Machines
- 02m51s | Miscellaneous
  An in-depth conversation amongst the panelists about the features, mechanics and elements they would otherwise like to see in an ideal, third expansion pack for Civilization V; then, what to make of trade routes in the game during wartime (29m41s; recorded for Episode 48).
- 33m26s | Mailbag
  The ups and downs of terrain feature regeneration in CivV (recorded for Episode 48).
- 35m12s | Cartography Room
  The months of planning and effort of more than two dozen people pay off in spades with the release of the "Polynesia Civilization Split" MOD encompassing four civilizations: the Hawaii, Maori, Rapa Nui and Tonga.

Runtime: 52m:19s | Filesize: 25.1MB
Release Date: November 22nd, 2014
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard

Episode 52: Make It Fresh
- 03m50s | Modding Spotlight
  Thirty civilizations plus strong, the collection of works by Civilization V modder "JFD" is featured.
- 18m55s | Cartography Room
  The aptly timed release of Scotland with leader Robert the Bruce from "Pouakai" and the benefits that come early, sometimes too early, in The Philistine Nation by "Leugi" (24m53s).
- 31m22s | Miscellaneous
  The immersion factor: what CivV mods the panelists use to set themselves deeply and richly in the game's environment.

Runtime: 53m:49s | Filesize: 25.8MB
Release Date: October 11th, 2014
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, JFD

Episode 51: Creative License
- 03m27s | Modding Spotlight
  Focusing on "Hiram"'s Civilization V modding works, with emphasis on revisiting his Celtic civilization and future civs planning.
- 16m19s | Cartography Room
  Examining Belgium is followed by The Empire of Great Britain (20m58s). both by "JFD"; then, turning attention to the Cham Empire by "Tomatekh" (25m35s) and then brainstorming an effort to break down Polynesia (30m35s).
- 35m43s | Code Corner
  The pros and cons of the Enhanced User Interface for CivV spearheaded by "bc1", and issues in the consistency of coding in the base game and its relevance to modding (42m10s; recorded for Episode 48).
- 45m14s | Miscellaneous
  How civilizations can become too synergistic in Civilization V and, relatedly, a preference for whether they are gameplay balanced or not (49m59s; recorded for Episode 50).

Runtime: 57m:30s | Filesize: 25.9MB
Release Date: August 30th, 2014
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard, Hiram

Focus: "Civilization III"
- 06m44s | Introduction to Modding
  When each panelist was introduced to modding in the Civilization franchise, including how they got to playing Civ in the first place.
- 17m17s | Interest in History
  The influence of having an interest in history on Civ playing, modding and at times how it translated from schooling and transferred into career choices.
- 23m38s | Challenges with History
  Where history presents a challenge for modding in Civilization III and what can, and has, been done to respond to them.
- 35m18s | Methodology for History
  Reflecting the immersion of history in gameplay through CivIII modding with the citation of key works and individuals within the game's community.
- 45m35s | Influences on Modding
  How Civilization III modders can have their works' trajectory impacted by community participation and feedback.
- 56m46s | Lessons from Modding
  Why design decisions in one work led future works from that modder, and perhaps others, to follow or move away particular approaches.
- 68m50s | Future of Modding
  Taking the pulse of the Civilization III community and projecting its future based on precedents set in its past and present.

Runtime: 98m:29s | Filesize: 45.0MB
Release Date: August 16th, 2014
Hosts: Blue Monkey, Rob (R8XFT), Plotinus, El Justo, Balthasar

Episode 50: Fingers Crossed
- 02m58s | Introductions
  Getting acquainted with the show's new panel of four regular co-hosts.
- 08m25s | Cartography Room
  Two creators, four Civilization V works: what is to be found in the "India Civilization Pack" by Pouakai is followed by his "Mexican Civilization", sukritact's "Phoenician Civilization" and finishes with a review of Pouakai's civ "The Buccaneers"; then, analyzing "The Sioux" by Tomatekh with connections to the "Blackfoot Civilization" by the show's own TPangolin (16m34s) and comparing and contrasting how one would re-design the game's Polish civilization with that which has already been done by LastSword (20m49s).
- 24m21s | Modding Spotlight
  The versatility that is "Sukritact's Decisions" by sukritact that was "heavily inspired" by the same named mechanic in the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV.
- 28m23s | Artist's Sketchpad
  A comprehensive looking at the future of Civilization series modding through not only a retrospective on CivIII through CivV to date but also looking ahead to Civ: Beyond Earth and the question of when, not if, CivVI emerges.
- 48m03s | Profile
  From four years ago, part of a conversation with Civilization V Senior Producer Dennis Shirk at developer Firaxis Games on where the game's Software Development Kit (SDK) is expected to take modding for the title... even before its release.

Runtime: 56m:44s | Filesize: 25.9MB
Release Date: July 19th, 2014
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard

INFO: First appearance of Rob "Rob (R8XFT)" Riley as a regular co-host
INFO: First appearance of Jett "TPangolin" as a regular co-host
INFO: First appearance of Jan "Janboruta" Boruta as a regular co-host
INFO: First appearance of Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk as a regular co-host


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